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Richard Mishaan Design Firm Knows No Limits

Richard Mishaan is a world-class leader in interior design. Mr. Mishaan uses a stylistic and an expansive method to demonstrate his eloquent taste and professionalism. His knowledge of fashion, architecture, and interior design highly contributes to his deep understanding of quality and luxury. Richard was born in Colombia and started his career working for Philip Johnson after receiving a BA from New York University. He also attended Columbia University for his architecture degree. Today, he runs his company, Richard Mishaan Design, which is based in New York. The firm was founded 26 years ago, and it has been known for providing high-end designs to the market.


The company has a broad clientele base, which ranges from residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. He has worked with international hotels and retail projects across the globe. Richard Mishaan offers his services to fit and define customers’ lifestyle. His greatest motive is based on customer satisfaction, and that is why he adopts an approach that enhances customer comfort with the outcome. One of the best projects done by Richard Mishaan is in his own home that is close to central park at Carnegie Hill. In this project, Richard demonstrates his ability to use color-rich art by Donald Barchler and sculptures by Niki De Saint Phalle to make the living space look stunning.


Richard Mishaan’s ability and understanding of color and composition has helped him to remain among the best designers in the world. He is also able to handle his clients comfortably through his professional team and ensuring that the needs of the customers are met. Richard is also an author, and he has written two best-selling books to help enlighten people on modern ways of interior design. These two books are modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. Recently, the firm expanded its services to offer designing, development, branding, and marketing of his remarkable projects.