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Creating a Wikipedia Page

The online encyclopedia history is believed to have started in 1993. It has grown over the years. Currently, Wikipedia boast for having over 26 million articles which are absolutely free, written in 285 different languages. These articles have been written by over 39 million members, as well as anonymous writers. If you are determined to create your own page on Wikipedia, there are several steps that you have to take. Here are some of the most important.


Before anything you actually have to decide which topic you are interested in writing to create a Wikipedia page on Get Your Wiki. It is important to give references and even citations, so that your article is accepted easily. The main point here is, selecting your preferred topic carefully, and then looking for references.


Most articles are rejected because Wikipedia already has published familiar article from another writer. This is why it is very crucial to research the topic you are writing and select a good topic. If you choose a good topic, you will save yourself the frustration that comes with a rejected article.


When you have done your research properly and chosen a topic of your choice, you are then supposed to open an account with Wikipedia. However, this registration is not mandatory. When you decide to open one, you will enjoy several benefits as a writer.

Wikipedia has made things easy for its writes. They are now proving Sandbox, an editor that is found on the website. The program is in the website, so writers do not require downloading it. When a writer is done writing, they only copy the content in the program.


After creating a good article, you have to review it. Check carefully to ensure that it doesn’t have any grammatical mistakes and that it has the right referees and citations. After you are though, then you can send it to Wikipedia. If their team finds that the article meets its standards, then the article will be published. Sometimes, you might be asked to add some few items on your content, and when you follow their guidelines, your article will be published.

However, if you want article to be written for you, then you can contact Get Your Wiki, a Wikipedia writing company. The company has a tea m of experienced editors who will get your work approved in a very short time. However, if this does not happen, the company refunds your money.