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Impact of Sahm Adrangi and Zalik

GreenSky is a tech company which has changed the real estate industry in America. The main objective of the organization is arranging loans for families which want to undertake home improvements. As a result, the organizations prides its image on a different technology startup compared to others within the market. The company was founded by mathematics guru known as the David Zalik. One of the unique characteristics of the CEO David Zalik is his shyness towards the press. In many instances, he has turned down invitations to speak at the conference as well as presentations. In addition, he does not believe in the idea of raising capital outside the business, and this has enabled the firm to experience significant growth without a huge burden of debt.

The management approach adopted by the GreenSky has challenged other Silicon Valley beliefs of the importance of staying private for the long operational duration. However, GreenSky is on the brink of launching an IPO, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company could raise $ 1 billion at the valuation of $5 billion. In the course of going public, the company has diverted from other well-funded companies such as Credit Karma, Uber, and Stripe. The main reason why many companies have steered off the IPO debate is that of the pressure arising from the investors and other shareholders on issues to do with quarterly earnings as well as profitability. Unlike many startups which depend on the public for funding, GreenSky is different, and Zalik did the opposite by working with the bank for the benefit of raising capital. Through its partnership with large banks such as SunTrust, Fifth Third, and Regions  the ones which hold the loans in the balance sheets.

In the course of the doing business with the banks, GreenSky receives one 1% of the balance each year. In order to meet the high market demand, the company has employed the services of more than 17000 contractors  who are doing the heavy lifting. Each customer who wants to engage in homemakers can access up to $65000. As a result, each loan disbursed enables the company to generate 6% on the loan amount. The application of the loan is done online using smartphones and decision of lending or decline is received in a matter of seconds.

Fabletics Continues to Revolutionize Activewear Under Don Ressler’s Leadership

In most cases, women are stuck between two choices when it comes to choosing the perfect athletic attire. It is evident that the woman’s sports clothing market has had a huge gap between functionality and fashion for many years. Don Ressler and Adam noticed the trend that there was a high consumption of activewear in the whole of 2010.

Don Ressler and Adam noticed that the demand for women’s athletic wear was not going to slow down anytime soon, the two decided to establish Fabletics. The primary mission of Fabletics is creating a beautiful activewear that is fashionable, functional and affordable. By combining their skills, Don Ressler and Adam managed to craft a revolutionary vision for women’s activewear. Rather than concentrating on what the current market trends displayed, they opted to focus on what women needed. With the help of customer test and focus organizations, they found out that the greatest issues plaguing women in the sports attire world were consistent all over.

The sportswear available in the market were garish, costly and were ill-fitting in most cases. On top of that, the quality of those outfits was terrible and uncomfortable as well. However, Don Ressler and Adam worked together with Kate Hudson as the face of Fabletics and this change everything. The only problem in the sportswear industry is that branding is relatively ubiquitous and not all companies can target women to their brands. Nevertheless, the actress Kate Hudson proved to be an active, assertive and appealing face. Note that Don Ressler Worked through numerous glitches, comprising financing issues in the initial stages of the firm. However, he managed to sail through one of the biggest adversaries of comfortable sports attire – complexity.

Making a pair of functional and fashionable sports pants was not a small task; it was something that manufacturers wouldn’t make so readily. With the help of Don Ressler’ focus and determination, and also his vast experience in the fashion industry, he and his crew strived to advance the clothing to the point where it was comfortable and high in quality.

One of the things that differentiated Fabletics from other brands was the fact that it enjoyed a strong online presence and impeccable grassroots appeal. With the help of Kate Hudson’s attractiveness and convectional expertise, they managed to sufficiently market the brand online, eschewing the traditional way of marketing. The company also developed a discount pricing system to increase the sales.

White Shark Media-A Wave Of The Future

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency designed to deliver to small and mid-sized businesses marketing solutions online. The agency was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs who are very experienced with online and offline marketing. According to the CEO of White Shark Media, Alexander Nygart, the agency has helped thousands of companies nationwide by utilizing their online marketing strategies as well as a hosts of their exclusive marketing tools.

The ultimate goal of White Shark Media is to conquer the ever growing SMB market not only nationwide, but also in Latin America as well. This is accomplished by providing and delivering a service and a product which has never been done before. The winning combination of White Shark Media is that of being a foreign and domestic presence coupled with a fully talented and bilingual staff. Everything that the staff has learned over their years of experience with White Shark Media they pass along to their valued clients and customers. The first client of White Shark Media has remained a client after three years of continued development and advancement. Today, White Shark Media has over one hundred fifty employees worldwide.

In 2012, due to their rapid growth, Google assigned to White Shark Media a designated support team in order to completely balance their growth with the needs of their clients. The combination of Google with White Shark Media resulted in White Shark Media being awarded Premier Partnership with Google in July of 2014. Because such Partners must meet Google’s most intensive eligibility requirements, very few agencies have received this highest honor and recognition. Like Google, Microsoft, also, acknowledged the reality of White Shark Media’s successful track record in the past as well as their continual achievement using their marketing plans for small businesses. This resulted in talks of forming a partnership with Microsoft as well.

Digital Marketing is a competitive and lucrative field. To achieve growth and success requires commitment, experience, and innovation. White Shark Media is dedicated to the continued success of their clients. For this reason, the agency will continue to be creative with their profitable marketing solutions.


Following The Methods and Being Creative White Shark Media

White Shark Media has a lot of experience and insight on what one needs to be effective with advertising. First off, there is a lot of optimizing that needs to be done in order to make sure that the ad is on the front page of the search results. For one thing, it is important to make sure that the keyword appears in the right spot. One must also make sure that the site and the message is relevant to the keyword. Otherwise, the search engine rankers are not going to know what to do with the ad when it comes to placing it.


While it is very important to make sure that the ad is optimized, there is a lot of room for creativity. As a matter of fact, it is important for people to make sure that they are bringing forth something that is very compelling for people to check out. The right advertising campaign will get visits and tons of conversions for businesses. This will bring in a lot of success for the user. The business owner is then able to use his money to take on more business projects. He could also come with a new campaign.


The business owner could also get the help of an online advertising agency. One of the advantages to having an agency help with the advertising is that the business owner does not have to multitask and spread his brain thin trying to deal with all of the different aspects to running a business all at once. Instead, the task of advertising goes to the ones that have enough time and space to do the marketing. As a result, they have more room to come up with the ideas that bring even greater results to the clients.


While one can possibly handle all of the different factors that go into business which includes advertising, one of the best things he can do for his company is outsource the advertising task to someone who is a designated advertiser. All that he needs to do is give him all of the details of the account so that he will be able to come up with an advertising campaign that is helpful.