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Andy Wirth: The race within and beyond


Andy Wirth happens to be an avid triathlete, cyclist, runner and skydiver. The latter would forever haunt Wirth. In October 2013 while out skydiving with a few friends Wirth was involved in a tragic accident while executing a downwind landing. He landed in a Vineyard and as you presume this isn’t the most ideal of spots to do so. Consequently, a pole propped up within some vines severed an artery on his right arm which caused Andy to suffer extensive blood loss. Ross had to wait for a seemingly unending 15 minutes before help finally arrived. His injuries were life threatening to say the least thus over the next three months he would go through extensive surgery and occupational therapy in a bid to return to mere basic functioning.
Then an inadvertent chain of events led to Wirth meeting and kick-starting a deep friendship with a group of Navy Seals who had come to his hometown of Squaw Valley for a winter training regime. Through his interaction with the Navy Seals, Wirth was able to build substantially upon his resilience and self-efficacy and no sooner Wirth was back to recovery.
Having known IRONMAN CEO Andrew Messick for some time, Wirth was able to have the 2015 IRONMAN race held in his hometown.Ideally this is a competitive event but Wirth added special meaning to it. He assembled a team and called it Special Warfare Warrior, composed of a swimmer who happens to be a Navy Seal and a very close friend and a competitive cyclist who is Wirth’s College Friend.
The purpose of this team is to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation whose mission is to offerspeedy and continuing aid to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. The Navy Seals have it rough from the rigorous that they undergo to the daring missions they undertake.
Through the close bonds that Wirth has created with his Seal friends, he has been able to challenge himself and overlook his difficulties. Please visit to be a part of this selfless cause.