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Andrea McWilliams Level of Political Activism and Fundraising Capabilites Might Have Everyone “Eating Humble Pie:”

The next time anyone wants to be challenged by a true go-getter: look no further than the vivacious Austin political advisor: Andrea McWilliams. Andrea McWilliams is a super-woman–of sorts. Her fund-raising efforts and success goes unrivaled. She has raised so much money for Women’s Breast Cancer, as it applies to various non-profit organizations: that one healthcare organization actually named its screening room after Andrea. Now that is one fund-raising super-star.

This is not the only area, Andrea has made herself distinct. She continues and has received dozens upon dozens of awards from the business community: She is a very successful political strategist and adviser to the influential.

Andrea McWilliams is the “go to” person when an organization or influential person wishes to make in-roads, as to the legislative process. And it is easy enough to see: with Andrea’s marked professionalism in the field, anyone employing her services cannot go wrong. Andrea, not only is very good in presenting the case of her client–she is also a master, in way of her own self-promotion. All the better, with regard to presenting her solid and reliable services.

In fact, it seems like everything Andrea McWilliams touches turns to “gold”. She is definitely not a lightweight, in the field of fundraising activity; as briefly described above. Too: her business recognition with prestigious organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce and even the Girl Scouts is quite impressive.

Ms. McWilliams, time-and-time again, earns and is recognized for her business acumen, her politicking talent, and her charitable contributions.

No need to clone Andrea. She tends to “clone” herself. She does the work of three or four people: without complaint and with a great deal of vim and vigor. “Hats off” to Andrea. Or: maybe better put–which hat is Andrea going to wear today?