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Betsy DeVos Never Stops

Betsy DeVos is a bona fide American heroine, and people the world over are more than aware of that. What are the things that make her a heroine, anyway? There are an abundance of truthful responses to that. She epitomizes all sorts of characteristics and traits that are commonplace in heroines. She’s the kind of person who behaves in a selfless manner at all times. She’s the kind of person who consistently puts other people first, too. There are so many individuals out there who can confirm that as well. DeVos’ husband is just one prominent example. Dick DeVos is a businessman who can back all of the things that make Betsy so exceptional nowadays.


President Donald Trump is in no way unfamiliar with DeVos’ incredible traits. He chose her to work for the administration with good reason. He had witnessed in the past just how motivated a person she is. She’s motivated in politics, philanthropy and charity. She’s a motivated family woman as well. She’s been 100 percent devoted to Dick and to their union for decades. She’s been equally devoted to her children who are now adults. This is something that’s priceless in this day and age.


Betsy DeVos never lounges around without a care in the world. She realizes that time on this planet is brief for all human beings. That’s the reason she chooses to use her time wisely day in and day out. Being bored just isn’t a concept that’s part of her brain. She’s perpetually thinking about the educational system in the United States and all of the things she can try in order to strengthen it. Educational choice is undoubtedly among her preferred topics. Other preferred subjects for DeVos are charter schools and educational vouchers. Dick has a penchant for discussing both of these things as well. They’re not people who simply sit around talking about things, though. They’re people who like to take genuine action. They lobby against things that they believe are detrimental in society. They even set up not-for-profit organizations that can promote things that mean a lot to them in this world. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been a strong force in the United States since way back in the eighties.


DeVos has a rock-solid working relationship with the American president. The two individuals interact in a manner that works consistently. If they have thoughts that vary, they accept it without complaints. DeVos has always been a person who has placed a lot of emphasis onto tranquility. The people who are around her a lot identify that. She’s never going to be the type of person who creates a fuss out of nothing. She works hard on being serene all of the time.


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End Citizens United Makes Minnesota 3rd District A Priority Race

A national ticket political action committee (PAC) has named Minnesota’s 3rd District Congressman Erik Paulsen to its Big Money 20 list – a group of money-grabbing politicians that have spent more time catering to giant corporations and billionaires than to their own constituents.

The PAC, End Citizens United, has endorsed Paulsen’s opponent, Democrat Dean Phillips, in this year’s midterm election cycle. In fact, ECU has called Phillips “a priority candidate.” Phillips has embraced the central purpose of End Citizens United – getting the corrupting influence of unlimited Big Money out of politics.

Phillips, a sixth generation Minnesotan and successful entrepreneur, said he is proud to receive the backing of End Citizens United. He called big money and “dark money” in our election system “a threat to our democracy” and “the root cause of many problems” confronting American society today.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 as a reaction to the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United. That name is a misnomer considering that the average citizens has been increasingly disenfranchised from their own government thanks to the conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

Citizens United opened the flood gates for mega-corporation and self-interested billionaires to “buy” politicians and place them in public office to be used like personal puppets. And it’s worked out pretty well for them. Rep. Erik Paulsen has been among the most egregious errand boys for his corporate masters while voters in the 3rd District scramble to be heard or see their basic needs met.

End Citizens United has raised an astounding $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. Even more amazing is that the sum was raised using a strictly grassroots model. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans donated an average of $14 to the PAC. It seems a lot of people are waking up. They know it’s time to take back the government of the people from international corporations and billionaire oligarchs.

End Citizens United currently boasts 3 million members. More than 400,000 people have donated and a total of 2.7 million contributions have been made. What this shows is a significant groundswell of support for what End Citizens United stands for – getting Big Money out of our elections system.

The race between Phillips and Paulsen promises to be decided on a razor-thin margin. End Citizens United plans to support Phillips financially and with help on the ground to bolster his chance for a win in November.

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George Soros, The Billionaire with The Heart of Gold

The world has its fair share of billionaires alright. But as far as those who have a heart as big as their bank accounts, we can only mention a few and thankfully, one of them is none other than George Soros.

Mr. George Soros was born on August 12th, 1930 a Hungarian American who rose to the highest level through smart investing. His story is an inspiring one since he has gone through a lot of hardships to get to where he is at the moment, which is comfortably at the top of the food chain.

He survived the Nazi in Hungary and fled to England back in 1947 where his success journey officially begun when he joined London School of Economics. Throughout the years, his net worth has increased immensely, to the tune of about $25 billion dollars, securing him a spot in the top 30 richest people in the world!

According to an article in Politico magazine, George Soros who had taken a hiatus from the public eye and his humane ways made a comeback in a big way, catching the attention of everyone else in a right way. And the article dubbed, George Soros rises again, made sure that it had included all of the details about how he came back in a big way.

The last time George Soros was heard of was when he donated a whopping $27 million as he tried to defeat the former president George W. Bush back in 2004. But then after almost a twelve-year absence, he was back again, boosting Hillary Clinton’s campaign with a staggering $25 million.

Apart from having such an impressively long and fruitful life as a witty investor, Mr. Soros has also had a say on quite some pertinent issues. And given the fact that he has a lot of experience, people have given him an audience only to benefit from his years of wisdom.

On the threat of capitalism on the Atlantic, Mr. George Soros was quoted in a 1997 issue saying that it’s about time that they let the free market decide what matters and what doesn’t. But that said, he still went ahead and doing so will undermine the fundamental values which open and democratic societies depend on. Visit this site to know more at

He also went ahead and stated that in as much as capitalism is a threat, it wasn’t as bad as totalitarianism which takes away all of the freedoms. George Soros also admits that open market is complicated and it would need so much more than what is being done to turn it into a reality. If the capitalism is to be replaced, then it has to be with a system that is more complicated than it is, meaning that every possible resource ought to be used, including outside assistance.

George Soros rebuilding relations between those discriminated against

While George Soros may be best known as a political contributor to Democratic causes and candidates, he has become one of the country’s top philanthropists. He has given away more than $12 billion dollars to numerous causes and organizations. He has financially supported groups and people who defend freedom of expression, are willing to hold government accountable, fight for transparency and those who defend justice and equality.

According to Politico, George Soros has mainly focused his giving towards people groups who have faced discrimination, only because of who they are or what they have done. George Soros continues to support Europe’s Roma people, drug users, sex workers and the LGBTI community. George Soros has faced discrimination firsthand. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Growing up in Hungary in 1930, George Soros ended up surviving the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945, which saw the annihilation of more than 50,000 Hungarian Jews. George Soros and his family escaped with their lives by using fake identification papers, hiding their background and assisting others to do the same. George Soros later told people “instead of submitting to our fate, we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were—yet we prevailed. Not only did we survive, but we managed to help others.”

As the Communists were gaining power in 1947, George Soros left for London. While in London, he attended the London School of Economics, while also being employed as a railway porter and night club waiter. In 1970, George Soros emigrated to the United States of America.

When George Soros arrived in the United States he opened his own hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management. His hedge fund made him become one of the country’s most successful investors of all time. Soros then used his funds to create the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is a team of foundations, partners and projects in over 100 countries. According to Politico, George Soros believes that societies are only able to flourish when they allow democracy to blossom, freedom of expression and respect all individuals’ rights. Visit this site to know more at

George Soros began his philanthropy work in 1970, awarding scholarships to the Black community living under apartheid. In the 1980s, he turned his focus to those living under the Communist Eastern Bloc. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, George Soros launched the Central European University, which was a school that focused on stirring up critical thinking. After the Cold War, George Soros reached out his philanthropy work to the United States, Africa and Asia. He even became vocal and criticized the U.S.’ “war on drugs” saying it is more harmful than helpful.

While Soros has gotten older, he still has an active role with the Open Society Foundations. He travels the world, fighting for positive changes and meets with global leaders in private and in public meetings. He also supports organizations such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

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Betsy DeVos Voices Against Trump Administration to Ensure Protection of The Transgender Students

This Tuesday, it was reported that the Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions and the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had expressed their opposition to the recent draft ordinance that would overturn a previous instruction issued by President Obama towards the public schools and academic institutions. The draft from the Departments of Education and Justice, which was supposed to be sent to the public schools across the nation, intended to nullify the instruction, which allowed the transgender students to enter the bathrooms or locker rooms by their gender identity irrespective of their birth sex. Thus, the transgender students should be allowed to enter those rooms, by the aid of their acknowledged gender.

The Education Secretary was reported to express her disapproval towards overturning of this particular bill by the 44th President because of the lack of security for the transgender students. According to DeVos, the bill lacked the protection of the students, and thus her approval might affect the student’s support. Thus, it has been alleged that Betsy DeVos has expressed her discomfort with the decision and refrained from signing the letter, which is why the letter mentioned above was not issued. Read more on CNN for more info.

However, in the Tuesday session, the President thereafter requested DeVos to cooperate on the issue and drop off her objections unless she chooses to resign from her post. As a result, the Education secretary finally gave her consent and agreed to follow the decision of President Trump. The Wednesday press brief, witnessed the press secretary Sean Spicer completely denying the disagreement. He claimed that there has never been any dispute between the president and his ministers over the letter. He further claims that there has been merely a discussion, pertaining to the exact word of the agreement and the timing for issuing the ordinance.

The president is clear with his ideas and perceptions and made it crystal clear that he firmly believes that these matters must not be handled at the federal level. The draft is meant to clarify the policy and guidance for the students themselves, their parents as well as the administrative bodies of the academic institutions. The Education Secretary, Mrs. DeVos was hell bent upon insisting the educational institutions to ensure complete protection of the transgender students against all forms of harassments and disrespects because they are the ones who are always subjected to bullying. In her latest statement and Tweets, she clearly mentioned that the parents, communities and academic institutions must come together to protect the marginalized group of students and ensure them a healthy and safe environment. Even though the family of Betsy DeVos has been alleged to donate a part of their fortune to the conservative organizations and communities in the past, she has been highly praised by the media for her action and also won the appreciation of the student communities.

Betsy DeVos: The Apt Choice For United States Secretary of Education

It was not a surprise for me when I came to know that Betsy DeVos was nominated as the Secretary of Education by Donald Trump. Since she is known as an educational activist and philanthropist, she would find the new role as an opportunity to implement her policies during the tenure in the office. Throughout her career, Betsy was demanding for opening up education market to increase the quality of education and to give more choices to parents. I am well perceived by her view that current educational system in U.S. is a closed one and it leads to a monopoly. She is also a big supporter of school vouchers, the system that allows students to choose private institutions with public funding. I see that it will improve the total quality of education in both private sectors and public sector as the schools would compete for each other to lure more students. When she assumes the office, we can expect some revolutionary changes in American public education system.

Apart from that, she is also a proponent of charter schools system that allows public funding for schools that are not part of public school system. She is actively exhorting grading system for schools in the same way how the students are graded. We can strongly believe it as her another attempt to raise the quality of the education. I am sure that these efforts if properly executed, will make the education system more accountable and will improve the school performance. Throughout her career, she propelled for reformation in public school system, and now it is up to her to decide on things. She is a board member of Foundation for Excellence in Education, a think tank working on education reform that suggests education reforms to state. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos established an annual scholarship named Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship, for BBA or four-year BBA/MBA students from Northwood University.

DeVos is also a businesswoman and a Republican Party member who is also involved in many non-profit works. She is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, a private investment management firm that invests in manufacturing, technology, etc. DeVoses have set up Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to make a transformation in education, arts, community, leadership and justice. She was also appointed as the board member of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2014 by the then President George W. Bush. DeVos and her family came up with a new initiative in 2009 named ArtPrize, an international art competition program that is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan every year. I see this as another great initiative by her considering the enthusiasm for the event is surging higher year after year.

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George Soros; Businessman, Investor and Political Activist

George Soros is a business man, investor and political activist with the heart and determination to make this country and the world a better place for all who live in it. Soros’s political donations are nothing new. His large donations are no longer surprising or shocking, but it is, at this point, expected to some degree, say associates and those close to Soros. He is passionate about political issues and is not timid to financially back and support the politician that encompasses his same beliefs. He wants to ensure that the right person is in office and leading this country to success.

The 85-year-old billionaire, who has made his fortune through currency trade, was recently enthralled in the political campaign for presidency between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. After taking a brief hiatus from large political donations since the presidential of campaign of 2004 where Soros was determined to defeat President George W. Bush, Soros once again joined the campaign trail.

Even though Soros financially supported Barack Obama during his presidency campaign against Clinton in 2008 on NY, he second guessed his initial decision. Soros believed that Clinton was the more promising candidate in this campaign for presidency. Soros believed in Hilary Clinton’s ability to lead this country, especially with issues dear to him like immigration and criminal reform.

Being Hungarian-born with personal experience of the Holocaust and Soviet Communism, Soros is a determined activist. His personal interactions with such issues fuels his actions to ensure a land that is fair and just.

While Soros was initially disappointed by the election results, he has not slowed down on his goals for the future of this country. He continues to push the issues that are important to him; immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance. Soros is focused on ensuring that his money is placed in areas and with issues that are worthy and meaningful.

US Shows Concern Over Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela

With the uncertainty surrounding Venezuela at the moment, the Obama Administration has begun looking at ways to find out how to implement change in Venezuela without compromising the United States. US Secretary of state John Kerry recently announced during a meeting of the Organization of American States that the United States will support an OAS plan regarding a referendum of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
If the date of the referendum is postponed until next year, then Maduro’s vice president could be in position to succeed him, explained expert David Osio. It would also give Maduro’s followers more time to create a militia to withstand the leftist movement created by Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan dictator.

Kerry’s announcement could ease tensions between Maduro’s supporters on the left, and the opposition-controlled parliament. Some Venezuelans had talked about the potential for a civil war soon in the country. America is looking at ways to assist political change, without enhancing the reputation that the United States meddles too much, says Osio.

The OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro recently released a report on the status of Maduro’s regime, in which Almagro agreed with calls for a recall vote. Almagro also believes that the OAS should consider revoking Venezuela’s membership. Countries such as Mexico, and Argentina appear to be on the side of the OAS, while the United States has also shown support.


Rare Opening Up by Charles Koch About his Personal Life

Charles Koch was born on the 1st November 1935 to Mary and Fred Koch in Wichita, Kansas. He is one of American’s famous people and business person. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries, a company that he co-owns with his brother David Koch. They inherited the business from their father, Fred Koch. Charles Koch is a hard working individual, and that is what has helped his grow the Koch Industries as one of America’s largest privately owned companies. He is one of the four sons of Fred Koch and has stood out as intelligent and hard working right from when he was young.

He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he studied general engineering, a discipline that his father also studies. He proceeded to do master’s degree in chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. After completing his studies. He briefly worked for Arthur D. Little Inc. and then joined his father company, which at the time was named Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. When he inherited the business and assumed the position of the company’s president, he renamed it to Koch Industries as a way of honoring his father. Aside being involved with the Koch Industries, he is a generous philanthropist and has given millions of donations for organizations that carry out research, policy development and educational projects. His interest in politics is in public domain. He has made several contributions to political campaigns and activities as well as libertarian and conservative movements.

Though one of the richest men, not only in the United States, that has successfully built a multi-billion empire and heading one of the largest privately held company in the United States, he does not like being in the public light. In a rare occurrence, he opened up about his personal life when ABC News visited him at his office at the Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Apart from opening up about his personal life, he also talked about the values that have shaped his career and political activities.

In his office is a letter from his father that is framed on the wall. During the interview, he also talked about the letter, which is an outline by his father on how he and the three brothers should take care of the family business that he left them. The reflected on how the letter has helped him run the business. He also admitted that his father would be saddened by the feud that has split the siblings apart.

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Koch Brothers and Allies must Make Tough Decisions on a Strategy to Prevent Trump’s Nomination

More than 500 wealthy billionaires supporting Republicans who met at the Southern California on February know they want a Republican in the White House this time around. However, the biggest question in the room was how to deal with the billionaire Donald Trump who have chosen to carry the banner of “make America great again”. The differences between Donald Trump, Koch Brothers, and their allies can clearly be seen because Trump did not attend the biannual Charles and David Koch’s conference.

However, it goes without saying that Donald Trump was in their minds at the seminar hosted by billionaire executives known for their role in the Republican politics and influence. Both David and Charles Koch have shaped the policies of the U.S. through financial endorsement using both direct and indirect methods via various networks and public policy organizations. Being strong supporters of the Republican Party, Koch brothers have made significant contributions that are meant to lobby the governments on a free society and expand their efforts against the government role in Healthcare and combating global warming.

In his interview with Financial Times, Charles Koch was saddened by the state of the Republican Party and the candidates seeking nomination and concentrated on the point that big money was losing influence on politics. He was particularly concerned about the policies of Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Charles Koch said in the interview that he thinks that Trumps idea to bar Muslims to enter the U.S. was clearly against America’s values. According to him, you do not defend the liberty of the people by upholding the freedom of the people you least like.

Charles Koch hinted that they were considering a war against Trump nomination. However, even as Koch Network plans a campaign against Trump, he sent a message to those who attended the conference wishing them good luck to the candidates they are supporting. Initially, Trump tried appeasing the Koch brothers and their allies through appointing Corey Lewandoski as his campaign manager. Lewandoski was a former employee of Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy group owned by Koch brothers.

Koch Network’s strategy is not an easy one either considering the complexity of the campaign itself. If the Koch Network tries to fight against Trump, he may use their campaign as an advantage to convince people how the corrupt political system is trying to jeopardize his candidacy as an outsider. Any plans the Koch Network might have must be implemented carefully not to be an advantage to Trump campaign instead.