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Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Experiences Recounted

After watching an interesting infomercial produced for Wen by Chaz’s special Cleansing Conditioner (, a woman consumer revealed all the results from her experiment. She kept a detailed journal recording her experiences with the product on a daily basis. Her goal was to achieve the same results as she saw demonstrated by models in the video program about the conditioner product.
She kept her journal for the first week of trying the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. After the very first day the woman reported that even though she has quite fine and thin hair, the hair product made all the hair on her head feel fuller, straighter, and more shiny. She was a bit surprised at the amount of product the instructions on the bottle recommended, yet she decided to apply that amount. She reported that it worked great, her hair felt and looked great!

She was impressed with the results of the product. But, she did try skipping a day of using it. The result of that experiment was that her hair became quite oily. She recommends following the product package’s instructions and use the Cleansing Conditioner every day. You can read all her results on Bustle.

Chaz Dean is the owner of WEN by Chaz. He is a beloved hair stylist to the stars in Hollywood and is famous for his fantastic hair creations. Besides being a very well liked person, Chaz Dean has also invented several products that his customers rave about. The Cleansing Conditioner is just one of them. He lives a fairly private life and never brags or acts overbearing.His products can be ordered online from Ebay.