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The Trabuco Survives Wars Of The Past And Strolls Into Modern Physics Classes

Trabucos maintained their status as one of the favorite war machines during the Middle Ages. Trabucos primary use by an army or military group was for sieging and surrounding a rebel or an enemy city. Their top function was to smash a city’s edifications and mostly its walls by throwing projectiles which included heavy rocks and even other kinds of objects. The Trabuco has also been referred to as the Trebuchet, such as in France and in a few other parts of Europe. The Trabuco is an improved version of the traditional catapult and it features a revolutionary counterweight, which generates greater thrust, and due to this, it is able to throw much larger and massive projectiles than a same-sized traditional catapult would be able to throw.

The counterweight Trabuco was a commonplace weapon in both Muslim and Christian countries in the Mediterranean region according to Because of the fact that the Trabuco was capable of throwing heavy rocks at enemy cities and fortifications up to 800 meters away with quite amazing accuracy. There are many historical records that have documented the use of diseased and putrid human and animal bodies as Trabuco projectiles that were thrown over enemy walls, which is considered to be the first record of biological warfare. Quite a few historians are confident that the Trabuco was invented in China around 400 BC. Europe started using the Trabuco as a war weapon around 600 AC. The Trabuco was the most powerful weapon on planet earth until gunpowder was invented, which produced smaller weapons that were also more powerful weapons that were quite accurate and made the Trabuco obsolete on the battlefield.

Some more recent historical records lead people to believe that Trabucos were used in attacking the Burgos nearing the end of the 15th century according to Even in the 16th century, Trabucos were built as a backup weapon to defeat the Aztecs in a confrontation since Hernán Cortés had not brought enough gunpowder with him to the colonial Americas. The known last record of a Trabuco constructed for actual war purposes was built by British forces to help their cannons while defending the Gibraltar straight against the Spanish in 1779 according to Although the counterweight Trabuco’s inventor has yet to be proven as so far, there is no substantial evidence of whom might have invented it. Moreover, they are no longer used in battle, in our modern age, model-sized Trabucos are essential in physics classes with the purpose of demonstrating how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.