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Rocketship Education; an Avenue of Low-Income Parents in San Jose

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools that aim at providing quality but cheap education to the children of San Jose who are born from families that are less capable financially. Its current CEO and co-founder are Preston Smith. Initially, San Jose was always regarded as a land of opportunity. Before the founding of rocketship education, parents who had low incomes in San Jose were at a rough spot. The chances of a child born from a poor background in San Jose receiving a quality education was close to null.

However, parents, teachers and other citizens saw the need of saving the innocent child who was to be born from a less fortunate family. The first public charter school was launched in 2007. Since then, 25 higher performing public charter schools have launched to aid in serving the less privileged students. In a recent research done by a highly rated education institution, it was revealed that for any student who attends a highly performing charter school, they are privileged to gain a month extra in both maths and reading every year.

Lately, other districts have taken an interest in partnering with the charter schools in a bid to boost the levels at which the students are made ready for a college education. Business leaders within the zone have also lent their support by channelling funds to the charter schools. The few recognized include both Netflix and Facebook. Rocketship education has always adopted the elementary education system. Many times it has been very painful to watch our students leave us while in the fifth grade not sure of what the future holds in store for them. This has always been the real point behind those who wish us to change to the K-12 system.

However, such transformation would hinder our capability to involve parents beyond the classroom level. Rocketship education also believes in the power of parents. The fact that Rocketship education only offers elementary education makes it essential for parents to both engage and advocate for high-quality middle and high schools. Preston Smith, CEO Rocketship education says that action is stronger than words and that is why he chose to believe in Rocketship charter schools where both his children attend.