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British Investor Chris Linkas Can Provide Guidance To Those Looking To Invest

Chris Linkas can provide advice to those looking to invest, and this includes young people in their 20s. In fact, there’s many advantages of investing in your 20s. Read on to find out what those advantages are.


Key Advantages Of Investing In Your 20s

The main advantage is time. If an investor is 20-years-old and makes a $10,000 investment, then by the time they are 60 that investment could be well over $70,000. Younger investments have the luxury of letting their investment sit and grow for many years to come.

Another advantage is the ability to take on more risk. Younger people have many years of earning income ahead of them and this means they can usually take on more risk when it comes to investing.

Investors in their 20s can take their time to study investing. They will learn from both failing and succeeding. Investing has a long learning curve, therefore the younger a person is, the better. They have a longtime to study the markets and to make tweaks to their investing strategies.

Being tech savvy is another advantage younger investors have. Younger investors have access to many online investing tools and they can use various online trading platforms that have no shortage of trading tools and resources (Spoke). Young investors can increase their knowledge by a lot, thanks to the technology they have available to them.

The bottom line is younger investors have incredible opportunities to succeed with investing. This is why they should take advantage of what is available to them.


More About Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is a real estate investor who has worked at a number of well-known companies. This included being the head of the European Credit Group, which has experience with principal investments in the United Kingdom and Euro region. Prior to that, he headed the commercial real estate sector of a number of credit and real estate funds businesses that focused on equity real estate investments located throughout North America.

Anyone who is looking to invest in the real estate sector should contact Chris Linkas or his company.