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What Will The NYC Real Estate Market Look Like In 2016

According to an article posted on the NY Daily News site, 2016 is poised to be a very dynamic year when it comes to the NYC real estate market. To prove this point, daily news contributor and Halstead Property real estate broker Ari Harkov shared some of his market predictions for 2016.


Prediction #1 – Interest Rates Will Gradually Rise


Over the last several years experts have been claiming interest rates were going to rise. Well in 2016 that will finally happen. Or at least according to Harkov it will. As rates rise buyers will start to back off. As a result prices will start to fall. When this happens buyers will lose confidence in the market and the cycle will start all over.


Prediction #2 – Prime Neighborhoods Will Become a Primary Focus For Buyers


Anytime the market becomes soft, one of the first changes you will see is buyers putting more emphasis on prime neighborhoods. Second and third level neighborhoods will more than likely be ignored which will cause them to struggle a bit.


Prediction #3 – Luxury Condo Inventory Will Continue To Grow


Luxury real estate is considered real estate that is valued at $10 million or more. As more and more buildings become available in Manhattan, you can expect anything considered luxury to sit on the market a bit longer than usual.


On the other hand, condos in the price range of $1 million to $3 million will be in high demand.


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