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Raising Eyebrows at Rob Zombie

Groucho Marx is forever a symbol of laughter for Americans. As a member of the Marx Brothers, he helped lay the foundation of comedy for future generations. When it comes to his life, his memoir was published in the book Raised Eyebrows. That book is on the verge of coming to the screen, but most people find it hard to believe who the director will be.

Rob Zombie, the horror leviathan of the 90s, has stepped up to direct the legendary comedian’s biopic. FreedomPop pointed out that most people identify Zombie with his heavy metal music. He was a founding member of White Zombie and found great success as a solo artist. When he didn’t want to stick to music, Zombie drifted into the world of directing. House of 1000 Corpses premiered in 2003 and was the hallmark to Zombie’s directing career. From there he went on to do a remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween which eventually overtook the original and was the highest grossing movie in the series.

It appears Zombie doesn’t like to stay in one thing for too long. Even his name itself is a vision of horror. However, he isn’t going to do scary cinema forever. In fact, he’s set his sights on being the Groucho Marx director. Fans are on pins and needles waiting to see exactly how Zombie’s vision comes to life with something so different.