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Envoy Adopts OneLogin SCIM User Provisioning Integration

Envoy is a San Francisco company specializing in visitor registration. Envoy helps customers from multiple industries manage millions of identities around the world. Envoy’s products allow employees and visitors to sign in, create id badges, and manage on- and off-boarding of people, all through an iPad.

Recently, Envoy worked with cloud-based identity and access management provider OneLogin to integrate SCIM user provisioning, eliminating a lot of the redundant activities IT specialists have had to deal with in the past, like multiple people entering, removing, and changing user data across multiple applications, one at a time. The new integration allows your people to make changes to individual user accounts that automatically update to all linked and authorized applications, helping to manage access and identities instantly across entire networks.

SCIM stands for System for Cross-domain Identity Management. Integrating SCIM accelerates adoption of new enabled applications by synchronizing user attributes seamlessly and automatically. Changes to users data are updated automatically across all enabled applications.

Visitors can also more easily connect with employees, since non-existent employees will be removed from your entire system, eliminating dead ends.

Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy says, “With this integration, any changes you make to your directory are automatically sent to Envoy. This saves time and improves overall office security by ensuring that only current employees can be selected as a host when visitors sign in.”

Envoy views SCIM as a new standard to be adopted. SCIM provides a format for more accurate and constantly-up-to-date user data that allows employers to make educated decisions, helping their companies grow and become more productive, as well as more secure.

OneLogin supports developers wishing to enable SCIM, and have seen a significant increase in SaaS vendor traffic seeking to integrate SCIM in new apps.

Wells recalled the experience of working with OneLogin, saying, “OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made it very straightforward to integrate with Envoy. We’re always excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating effortless workplace experiences, and OneLogin perfectly fits that mold. We look forward to continued growth together!”