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Forget Other Manhattan Offices For Rent– Coworking Space Makes For a New Kind of Office

More and more of the new economy is being occupied by independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and start-ups. Each of these enterprises is a unique entity with particular needs that aren’t always met by the standard model of renting out dedicated office space. To best meet demands for more a cost effective and versatile environment, professionals of all ages are turning to coworking spaces.

Also known as shared work spaces, this increasingly popular model allows the use of office space on a more à la carte basis. Anything from a single desk to a private office or even a conference room can be reserved and clients are only charged for what they use. This more economical model helps to serve today’s more agile professional for whom renting out an exclusive office space may be either unnecessary or unfeasible.

Shared office spaces also boast a high energy environment among other professionals that can add an exciting and invigorating element for you and your colleagues. Being surrounded by others all working hard to make their goals a reality has no small effect on productivity and creativity and can be just what is needed to help push a business forward.

“Being in this place is so inspiring,” says Maggie, a client of shared office space WorkVille NYC, a prime example of how shared office spaces are transforming the way professionals work and allowing them to do so on their own terms. Located in the heart of Manhattan, WorkVille’s greatest strength is in its versatility. Everything from a private office by the month to a spot in an open work space by the hour is made available, in addition to common areas such as a lounge, cafe, and three outdoor terraces.

Workville also offers a host of amenities ranging from wi-fi and telephone services to fresh coffee and daily cleaning. In addition to making for a more enjoyable work space, this takes a large chunk of the administrative load off, allowing clients to better focus on growing their business. Since the costs for the space overall are covered collaboratively, this makes for a much better location and a more upscale setting at a great price tailored specifically to its client’s needs.
The proper environment is critical to a business’s success. If a professional and fast paced setting is what’s needed to give your business the room to grow, a coworking space might be just the thing.