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Queens of Drama: Turning The Table on Actresses

Queens of Drama takes five established, successful actresses and follows them as they try and create a TV show of their own. This is far from the expected storyline where a group of well-connected Hollywood people easily pitch and sell a show to show business executives. The show begins at the conception of the idea, goes on to the pitch, and then the expected Hollywood politicking that goes on.

The real drama of the show isn’t the production work of the show, it’s the interpersonal relationships between the actors. The show stars Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tyler, Crystal Hunt, and guest appearances of Donna Mills. Each of these actresses brings a special dynamic to the show, including their own ideas of how the TV show should be pitched and produced. As they get closer to their goal of production further obstacles and tribulations arise, placing the whole plan on the edge of disaster.

Crystal Hunt’s experience in Hollywood becomes evident on Queens of Drama as she works with the other actresses in developing the show. She is one of the original three actresses who approach Donna Mills with the idea of a steamy, serialized TV show. Later it appears that Mills is taking the concept further on her own without consulting the women and this particularly annoy Hunt. During this time, Instagram shows that Crystal gets injured during the shooting of the show and her continued participation seems unlikely. The show’s season ended with a cliffhanger episode where it appeared the girls had been double-crossed and abandoned.

Her website indicates Crystal Hunt is a veteran of daytime television shows, appearing as Lizzie Spaulding on Days of Our Lives and as Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live. She began her career when she was 2 as a contestant in beauty pageants where she showcased her acting talent. She then moved on to acting in commercials and eventually landed the character of Lizzie Spaulding. She’s been nominated for a daytime Emmy and has also worked on motion pictures.  Crystal Hunt also has a birthday around the corner.

Queens of Drama’s strength lies in the experience of the actresses in dealing with people just like themselves. People who have been in Hollywood and dealt with executives and production crew know how to deal with each other. They aren’t easily intimidated by big names, big meetings, or the pressures of entertainment deals.

This show is a must watch for anybody who is considering pitching an idea to Hollywood, especially if you are working as part of a creative team. The experiences the women have could happen to any team, and it’s important for people to learn how easily plans can become derailed.