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Humanity Is a Virtue: Courage to Defend Others

Yeonmi Park on youtube is a North Korean native born in Hyesan in 1994. She is a human rights activist at this tender age as well as a North Korean defector. She has gained fame and has become a voice and defense of the voiceless and oppressed in her society. She has also inspired the freedom-loving people all over the world. Miss Park takes residence in Seoul, South Korea and is currently writing a book. She is a junior student in Donggkuk University in Seoul where she is majoring in Criminal Justice.

She has been featured in a couple of high profile magazines and newspapers including the Washington Post, the Voice of America. Yeonmi has also been interviewed on Radio Free Asia, BBC2, SBS Insight;she is also a regular guest on the South Korean TV variety show “Now on My Way to Meet You” which is a broadcast that aims at closing in on the gap between the North and South Koreans.

Miss Park is a member of the media at the Freedom Factory Co. Ltd and a co-host of the English podcast Casey Latrigue and Yeonmi Park Show. She has also volunteered with NAUH (Now Action, Unity and Human Rights) and a volunteered ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees Program.

She grew up in the most brutal and oppressive parts of the North Korea as a child of privilege not until his father was arrested for exporting metals to China and then thrown into a Labor Camp. This spun Park and her mother onto a journey of looking for freedom and an oppression-free regime. This engraved very bad image of North Korea for a child’s living. She was restricted from even whispering by her mother. She was inspired by the Western culture of parents encouraging their kids to express themselves. She remembers the life as a child in North Korea under a dictatorship where the people had no freedom.

They crossed the border with the help of a friend since it was dangerous for anyone trying either to leave the country or even join the country through the North Korea- China border. This was only the beginning of this small family’s struggle. They were harassed and later sold into human trafficking. They later on decided to leave China and leave like dignified humans. They had to cross the Gobi Desert with five other people on a cold night. She was 15, during the exodus.

Park is commended as one of the brave women in the republic who can be able to stand and defend their rights and the rights of others. Hannah Song in the Women in World Summit that Yeonmi is one of the agents of change, and has remarked her courage to speak out despite of a traditional cult of personality that repressed a group of citizens within North Korea and rendered some victims in their own country.