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We’ll Kim Your Jung

President Obama himself broke the news that it was North Korea that instituted the data breaches to Sony Pictures inretaliation for the movie entitled The Interview. Seth Rogen and James Franco play themselves as they are recruited to assassinate North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Un. There were several private emails released that did affect the public personas of some of Sony’s top executives. The emails painted them as racist and also as gossips of the company’s largest stars like Angelina Jolie who is seen in a picture taken of the starlet afterwards giving the exec that maligned her character the cold shoulder. 

Dr. Daniel Amen says in the wake of the hacking scandal, Sony Pictures decided to not release the movie. This move did not set well with Americans that felt like North Korea was dictating American policy. However, President Obama did promise a retaliation along whatever lines seemed appropriate. There were discussions on the appropriate measures to take, and this incensed the always outraged republicans that often shoot themselves in the feet by being against anything the president does even when the consensus of Americans understand he is making the right decisions. Today, North Korea’s entire internet grid crashed. No one knows why their systems are down, but if it is a war score round two for America.