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Can Kabbalah be the Magical Cure for Depression?

The Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles, California, has spent decades teachings its pupils that depression is not an inevitable part of life, but merely a symptom of losing one’s connection with the spiritual source. Through studying what Kabbalah says about the secret spiritual realities of the universe, depression is most definitely something which can be cured.


Kabbalah, the ancient mystical interpretation of Judaism, has been around since long before the Earth was created. Its teachings provide us with insights into the purpose of life and what it means to be human. At the Kabbalah Center, which was opened in 1984, students wishing to learn these ancient secrets may partake in numerous workshops and seminars to better understand the meaning of their existence, as well as how to navigate through this world happily and peacefully.


According to Kabbalah, much of our unhappiness comes from egotistical wants and desires. Material possessions distract us from our true purpose, which is to stay connected with God and nature. These material possessions give us a false sense of accomplishment, but ultimately we become slaves to these superficial symbols of prosperity, and we suffer emotionally.


Kabbalah also teaches us that we did not randomly end up with the families we were born into. Rather, we chose the family we have now in a past lifetime, and it is part of our higher purpose during lifetime to learn something from the family we are in. Therefore, nothing about this current existence is an accident, and rather than pity ourselves for our circumstances, we must understand that our souls have something to learn from these family relationships.


God has given us each a spiritual purpose which is unique to us. In Kabbalah, we learn that when we are not in tune with the guidance God provides to us, we lose touch with our higher purpose. Then, our lives suffer because we are living in a way that does not fulfill our purpose on this planet. By reconnecting with the spiritual source, we are living right with the universe, as has been destined by God.


The Kabbalah Centre has turned around the lives of many suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety. By working personally with pupils to address their own emotional needs, and by educating them thoroughly on the teachings of Kabbalah, many students have seen a complete positive transformation in their lives.