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New Funding Helps FreedomPop Grow

FreedomPop is all about providing free services to individuals on their phone. With the skyrocketing price of most mobile providers, it can be rather difficult to find someone who charges a fair price. FreedomPop wants to offer free services to those interested in it, but in order to offer free mobile data and calling services, it does become rather expensive to open and to maintain. That is why the recent fundraising outreach the program obtained is extremely important. FreedomPop recently received $30 million in funding in order to expand its free mobile services.

The company has been around since 2012 and it has been spreading out from LA since it initially opened up. Basically, the company provides bare bone services without charging anyone for using it. This way, it is possible for someone who just doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month.

Multiple other carriers have attempted to buy out the upstart company in recent years. Whether it is to take advantage of the networking elements the company has put into place or to simply buy out the competition (or a bit of both), FreedomPop has turned down all of these different offers and has instead raised nearly $50 million in three years. The original seed money came from Skype’s founder and it has quickly grown into one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the United States as it has more than a million subscribers.

Now, the company is a mobile virtual network operator, which means it does not own any of the wireless infrastructure but instead simply rents it from larger companies. It purchases the data from Spring at wholesale rates, which is similar to how Google works as it buys data from T-Mobile and Spring. However, FreedomPop is giving the services to customers for free.

Start-Up Will Use Drones To Plant Trees

BioCarbon Engineering, a drone start-up, plans to use its technology to plant trees. The group will start by mapping target areas and determining what kinds of trees will grow best there. They will choose seeds that have already germinated and encase them in a gel loaded with nutrients. They will then use drones, which will be hovering five to ten feet above the ground, to shoot the seeds into the soil.

Hypothetically, BioCarbon Engineering could plant 36,000 trees per day in this fashion by using multiple drones for the planting. They hope to plant one billion trees per year with the drones, and they expect to spend 15 percent of what it would cost to plant the trees through conventional means.

BioCarbon Engineering plans to work with forestry services and non-profits around the world to plant trees by drone. Ray Lane posted on Carnegie Mellon University’s blog that he will also monitor the results of such plantings and use the data to refine their techniques. BioCarbon Engineering also notes that 26 billion trees a year are cut down or burned. Such large-scale deforestation can be combated only by planting methods that plant lots of trees and ensure most of them grow into healthy plants.

New Material Makes Water Bounce Off

The most water-repellent surface has no name yet, but many ideas as for where it could be used already. The material is more hydrophobic than Teflon.

While you would need to slide a Teflon surface to 70 degrees for the water to slide down, the new material is so well rejecting the liquids that they bounce off stated Ivan Ong on his blog. This means that any structure covered with the material is anti-corrosive, self-cleaning, and anti-freezing. The scientists believe that it could be used in many ways, but the most efficient would be to have buildings covered with the hydrophobic material, as it would save so much money and time on cleaning them. There have been a lot of chemical substances that one could spray in ordinary materials to obtain the effect, but they are not comparable to the new achievement.

The hydrophobic material has this inherent structure that will not be washed off or diminish in time. However, at this moment the technologies are at a stage where creating a very small piece of the new hydrophobic material requires hours. For you to have an idea, a 1 inch by 1 inch sample took one hour of laser treatment.

The Bike That You Can’t Steal

Ever seen the statistics about stolen bikes? The number is huge, and no lock can help against that. Someone had to think outside the box though. If your bike breaks while you are trying to steal it, there is no more use out of it… so why steal it. Said and done, the Yerka Project is what they claim to be the first unstealable bike. The mechanism allows you to take out the seat, use it as a lock incorporating the pedals, and leave with the key. The process looks funny from aside, but takes only 20 seconds.

Those who have ever had their bike stolen will agree that a bike parked with no seat (as it is on one side locking the bike) is better than finding the place empty and walk home instead of pedaling. The good side is that you don’t carry around extra weight, with this technique, as the ordinary locks do have their share of weight.

The bike has not been launched officially yet, but the videos promoting it are already on the internet, and the new bike has gathered some fans reported The model will be sold for $399 in the beginning.

5 Dollar Wi-Fi Coming To a Hot Spot Near You

It was not too long ago that the startup company named FreedomPop made the headlines with its free basic cellular plans. Now they are offering unlimited Wi-Fi use at 10 million hotspots across the United States. Most of the current hotspots are located in the top metro areas in the country. Places that host a pro sport teams are on the top of the hotspot list. FreedomPop is planning to expand the coverage to 25 million spots by the end of the first quarter.

The app needed for this service is available on an Android device. Such devices can be purchased from FreedomPop. An Apple app was also released. One of the advantages to this Wi-Fi service is when a user is in the proximity to the hotspot, the user is automatically signed into the service. There is no more searching for service or having to log into the hotspot. This feature will allow for a smooth transition from users going from service from their cellular service to the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop.

CEO Stephen Stokols sees many benefits from this type of service. One benefit is that cellular customers will be able to eliminate costly data plans. They will be able to cut their cellular bills in half in most cases. People who do not have a cell service will now be able to use Wi-Fi compatible phones without having a cellular carrier. This is an inexpensive way for people who cannot afford the expensive premium plans that cellular carriers charge their customers. Unused phones will now have a purpose. FreedomPop also plans to introduce a Wi-Fi handset to their customers in the price range of 50 dollars. The FreedomPop reviews are in and at this price point it is certainly more affordable than most tablets and cell phones that are on the market.

Keith Mann’s Dynamic Search Partners Starts New Alliance With Uncommon Schools in NYC

Founder and Managing Director of the hiring branch in New York City Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a man of many talents. Mann started his entrepreneurial career when he became Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of the company Dynamic Associates back in the year 1995. Through his hard work and dedication, he nailed a few promotions which lead him to the senior vice president of the company chair, which is a positition desired by many, and earned only by a special selected few.

As Keith Mann was working for Dynamic Associates, he co-founded another company in the name of Dynamics Search Partners, which is a company specialized in bringing in hedge funds and private equity firms the companies they need to invest in and reshape through finding the appropriate resources for their growth needs. Mann’s position in Dynamics Search Partners is the Managing Director of the company.

Some of the projects that Mann’s company Dynamics Search Partners was involved in had another party involved which was Uncommon Schools, which is a program dedicated to helping high school students get all the tools necessary to go to college. Testing centers are available for students to take their PSAT’s and other required tests.

Keith Mann’s company Dynamics Search Partners decided to start a new partnership with Uncommon Schools to find the program the funding it needs to set up their testing centers and start their job in helping the students get their college prep in order. The alliance have brought in $22,000 already since it started through one night of gathering. The company expects a lot more donations to be made after the entire span of the project is done. All the promotions and ideas are going to be coming from Uncommon Schools while Dynamic Search Partners will find the funding necessary to make such an important movement for the society possible.

Although Keith Mann has already put in a lot of effort to try to make the Uncommon Schools student program possible, he also felt the need to donate $10,000 in the beginning of the program to give hope to Uncommon Schools that no matter what the outcome of this campaign is, you are going to get all the help you need. It is fortunate how well people want to help one another and through projects like these, the world will most certainly become a better place for future generations.

Mark Ahn Talks Leadership Trends in 2015

Mark Ahn recently sat down to talk about the most recent leadership trends for 2015. he pointed out how people could improve their business skills for the year. As a decorated military service member and a career in both business and academia, Mr. Ahn has experience with all of the different levels for which someone can gain knowledge regarding leadership.

As Mark Ahn pointed out, it is important to always learn from those that came before them. This way, it is possible for anyone to learn from past mistakes and see what also works. This way, they are less likely to make their own mistakes when moving forward. Beyond this, it is important to lead with integrity. Integrity is going to bring about more followers who share the same ethical code. Plus, they are going to respect the leader and help the company succeed.

Good judgement is always an important element to any business leaner which is why Mark Ahn made a point to discuss this as a leading technique. Good judgement is able to help improve leadership and business performance, all while good judgement may require more intelligence, it is going to drastically improve the quality of the business itself. On top of this, leading by example is truly the only way to go, because saying one thing than doing something completely different is just not going to help those who watch the leader for their own advice. Lastly, staying humble is important. It helps keep the person grounded, which is good for making future decisions. Once a leader becomes full of themselves, they are more susceptible to making mistakes and fewer employees are likely to look towards this person if they are not humble.

All of these are important elements of a 2015 leader, as Mark Ahn points out.

Google Develops Real-time Voice Translator

Everyone was rightfully amazed when Microsoft released the Skype Translator. Spoken words can be translated immediately into another language with the use of this feature which sultan alhokair can be seen on using the Skype translator. It is still in its limited preview mode, but the idea of real-time translation is impressive. Two people with different languages don’t have to suffer from communication barriers with the use of this technology. The other person’s speech is analyzed and then translated into the other person’s language.
Counteract or not, Google has also announced that they are going to release a much similar product, a real-time voice translator on smartphones. Google already has an outstanding Translate app. This time, they are going to fully upgrade the app by making it available for speech translation. 

The app will detect the language that is spoken and will automatically translate it into a different language. You don’t have to type the foreign words anymore before it gets translated. Hangouts is the Google product counterpart for Microsoft’s Skype. Although it has not been announce, it is expected that the translator will be integrated into the messaging and chat product.

Human communications have always been limited by the different languages spoken around the world. This technology promises so much potential in language processing and for machines to learn how human language and speech works. Developing this technology improves the accuracy of translation devices and provides ideas for fully-functional translation devices.

Abandoned Seal Pup Now an Internet Star

If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, here it is. In August, a Russian photographer noticed an odd looking seal alone on a beach. It seems the animal, who had been born with albinism, was rejected by her family and left alone to fend for herself. A seal pup so young would struggle to survive alone under the best of circumstances, and this pup had additional problems. Her albinism has left her with beautiful blue eyes that, while pretty to look at, leave her almost blind. This issue would have further complicated her survival.

Fortunately, the photographer was able to scoop her up and rescue her. This once unwanted seal pup is now called Nafanya and is the star attraction in a Russian aquarium and even has her own webcam. The webcam feed runs only in the afternoon, which is 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern time, but this little cutie is certainly worth staying up for. You can see more stories like this on through BRL Trust’s page.

A Young Girl Invents IC Pooch to Ease Canine Separation Anxiety


A brilliant invention has been created from a 14 year old girl’s concern over her rescue dog’s Canine Separation Anxiety that is sure to catch the attention of big investors like Igor Cornelsen. Brook noticed that once her family’s schedules became busier and they were away from home more, her dog, Kayla, started acting nervous, depressed and began chewing and destroying items. She learned that these are signs of Canine Separation Anxiety. Her invention is called IC Pooch. This virtual device allows you to call up your pet in a video call from anywhere. You can see them and they can see you. It uses your home Wi-Fi network to connect with your pet simply by putting a smart phone or tablet on the IC Pooch face. The IC Pooch automatically answers when you call. You can also deliver treats from it with the touch of a button. Dogs are social animals designed to be with others, whether humans, other dogs or a companion of some sort. To be left alone leaves your dog or other social animal feeling afraid and anxious. This product has worked well for Brook and Kayla. She has seen much improvement in Kayla’s mood and behavior. For more information on IC Pooch visit: It is inspiring to know a young teenager has such concern over her pet and other people’s pets that she thought of a device to make life better for everyone. With the help of her family, she has made it a reality.