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Kabbalah center of LA and their teachings

In 1984 the L.A non profit Kabbalah center was founded in California by Philip Berg. It provides courses in Kabbalistic and Zohar through study groups and global online courses. The Kabbalah center is also involved in humanitarian and disaster relief aide. They provided financial assistance to people displaced during hurrican katrina, the haiti earthquake and the Indian ocean tsunami. They parnered with the red cross to help disaster victims.

Kabbalah center teaches that spiritual experiences help believers achieve a greater meaning in their actions and thoughts. The more people across the world that practice Kabbalah increase the chances of spiritual soul connections. Kabbalah center helps its practicers to connect with other people on a daily basis by focusing on immersion in the Wordly life. Believers in Kabbalah place importance on their actions and connections in their worldy life even though they believe there is an afterlife and their Earthly life is not as imporatnt. Kabbalah center also teaches its followers not to abstain. This doesn’t meant that destructive behaviors are ok, it simply means that there is not no need to hold back from the things one enjoys if it is within moderation and causes no harm. Kabbalah teaches to eat and be satisfied, but to not be a gluten. Not to take more then what is necessary.

Kabbalah believers also believe that how they dress reflects how they can help others. They take pride in dressing in approachable ways where others will feel comfortable speaking to them. While Kabbalah practicers get dressed they focus on how they want to present themselves for the day. If they focus on good and positive as well as a loving personality, that is how they will reflect themselves to others. Dressing ones attitude spiritually is as important as dressing themselves with physical clothing.

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