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Worldwide Demand Met With Worldwide Brilliance: Mr. Jed McCaleb

Global finance is an area wherein many solutions have been put forth to have a unified system of payment for all to use. From mobile payment systems on today’s smartphones to the rising up of cryptocurrency, these are a few of the ways that many have strived to make a seamless system of global currency. On the scene is Jed McCaleb with a vision that is making headlines the world over.

As the creator of Mt. Gox and Stellar CTO, Jed believes that within the next 10 years there will be a global payment system across the world that process payments. This is surely a vision of the times as many are waking up to the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency the world over. Having the necessary background in banking and finance, Jed McCaleb is a phenomenal figure in the world of global finance. As being the CEO at Stellar, he fosters the idea that the present day financial systems are not meeting the needs of the world at large. Having an impressive background allows this man to continue to trailblaze in directions many would not.

Being born in Arkansas, Jed McCaleb knows the definition of hard work and pursuing one’s dream with determination and sheer will. Aside from his quest for a global payment system, Jed is also heavily involved with philanthropy around the world. With having his interest in artificial intelligence, he is a major donor there as well. With his mind aimed in the direction of meeting the global demand in the financial sector, the world of cryptocurrency has just received a fresh jolt of energy to become the preferred method of payment processing across the globe.

Jed McCaleb ’s company, Stellar Blockchain, is a fine example of technology and innovation aimed at meeting the needs of the consumer. Such needs include a more dependable way to make payments across the globe with security and confidence. Bypassing traditional means is the way of Stellar, and with impressive gains daily, Jed McCaleb is definitely the standard of excellence today. Jed McCaleb is on the scene with a vision to behold. Connect: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn

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Wessex Institute Of Technology Talks About The Important Issues

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located at the Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park. This location is only a mere 100 kilometer drive from central London. It used to be the private hunting grounds of King William I. They are a research organization that works with many higher educational institutions and private research companies. They have been operational since 1986.

They work with many Universities within Europe, The United States and Brazil. They work with Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada, Universita di Pisa, University of Castilla-La Mancha, UNICAMP of Brazil, University of the West of England and many others.

They hold an annual event called the Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences Programme. They hand out their own reward every year since 2004 called the The Prigogine Medal. They have also been handing out the George Green Medal since 2014. Their latest conference will be this December.

For more information about the school’s conferences, check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia page.

ClassDojo Brings New Parent Teacher Communication To Schools  

One of the most important things that any parent can provide for their child is a quality education. With a quality education, a child can take that education with him or her no matter where they go in life. The need for a quality education has become more and more important as each generation goes by because technology has become an integral part of modern society.


With the integration of technology, children need the core foundation of education even more so to have the opportunity to succeed in life. As technology has become more important in society, technology has also become more important in schools and school systems. One of the ways that technology has become more important in schools is through the use of technology to help in the education process. Currently schools use technology to enhance learning in the classroom in a wide variety of ways.


In addition, companies are constantly bringing new technology to the market that is geared towards schools and school systems. One company in particular that is providing new technology to schools is ClassDojo. The company recently received 21 million dollars in additional funding for its communication app that is designed to help communication between parents and teachers.


The communication app developed by ClassDojo is an alternative to the traditional parent and teacher meeting that has been conducted for many decades in schools regarding the progress of children. The communication app allows teachers and parents to communicate through the use of the app’s communication platform whenever desired. As a result, teachers and parents can stay in touch on a regular basis concerning the progress of students instead of waiting for a scheduled once or twice a year physical face-to-face meeting.


The communication app developed by ClassDojo is currently being used in many schools. Close to 80,000 schools use the app for teacher and parent communication and the number is increasing daily. The additional 21 million dollars in funding received by ClassDojo will be used to make enhancements to the app and the overall communication platform.


Technology has become a major component in many schools and school systems across the country. Technology such as the communication app developed by ClassDojo is fast becoming an alternative to traditional communication methods that have been used in schools for decades.


Parents have less and less time to come to schools for scheduled meetings and many teachers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that is placed on them. The use of the ClassDojo app has been widely received in many schools across the country, and ClassDojo aims to make several new enhancements to the app in the upcoming year.

Handy is an Ideal Candidate for Quality Spring Cleaning Services

Spring-cleaning is a tradition for most homeowners. It enables them to freshen up their homes and prepares them for the spring and winter seasons. Hiring a professional cleaner to assist during the cleaning process is a good move. The expert will find a way to get rid of unwanted stuff. Handy is a firm that specializes in offering quality home cleaning services.

Factual Details on Handy

With an Internet connection and a smartphone or an iPhone, Handy allows clients to book a home cleaner, handyman, or plumber. Handy has transformed the home cleaning industry by offering personalized services tailored to address the unique needs of homeowners. The firm, which was previously called Handybook was established in 2012 by Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, and Ignacio Leonhardt. Despite the constant evolution that Handy is experiencing, it has managed to maintain its services at a top-notch level.

Handy has its offices headquartered in New York, and it has an incredible presence in 28 cities. On mid-2015, the firm raised a record $64 million that was used in launching Handy Delivery, which is a service specializing in delivery and assembly of furniture. Handy conducts thorough background checks and face-to-face interviews before hiring cleaners and handymen. To make sure all the clients are always satisfied, the firm provides a 100% money return guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the service offered.

With handy, clients are assured of convenience. They are saved from the hassles of hiring unreliable and complicated cleaning agencies and maid services. Some of the services offered by Handy include TV mounting, plumbing, furniture delivery and assembly, interior painting, home cleaning, electrical work, moving help, and much more.

Experienced cleaners box up the unwanted stuff and donate them to needy people. Each home has its unique needs; hence making a universal list of cleaning supplies is difficult. However, once a professional cleaner inspects the home, she or he can identify appropriate cleaning reagents perfect for the home.
Dusting Supplies

The lifestyle, allergy issues, and décor of homeowners, friends, and family determine the frequency of dusting. Microfiber cloths are recommended for intricate and general dusting while vacuum cleaner that has a dusting attachment can clean walls, corners, and high ceilings. Trashcans, Baking Soda, Recycling bins, and trashcan liners can take care of wastes and trash.

Known Shaygan Kheradpir Takes helm at Coriant to lead in its growth

Coriant Company, a leading telecommunications company that started in the year 2013 has emerged as a leader in providing technology solutions worldwide. Because of its expansion, the Coriant Company appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer and the board chairman.

The new CEO

Coriant operates in over 100 countries and its expansion means appointing top executives to turn it around. Shaygan has been a senior manager within the company, taking the role of Operating Partner. Here, he oversaw the company strategic planning and managing. The new CEO was appointed by Coriant to ensure the company growth and strengthen its business solutions. Before his appointment, Shaygan Kheradpir has worked at GTE Company rising through the ranks and getting his experience, thereby making him one of the leading executives.

Shaygan Kheradpir is known to be a leading business executive and operations manager, having a 28-year experience in executive positions. Therefore, Coriant is expected to turn around the client demand on data and expand the market such as the construction of hyper-scale data center and long haul transport deployments. Shaygan Kheradpir studied electrical engineering and holds a bachelor, masters and then a doctoral degree. Previously, he had had stints working at GTE, Barclays, Juniper and Verizon, where he was tasked with developing various products that enhance client relationship with companies.

The Coriant connection

After holding executive positions in charge of product developments at Barclays, Verizon, GTE and Juniper, Coriant poached the famous Executive. Something that attracted Shaygan to this company is its comprehensive portfolios for data networking and packet optical solutions, innovations in technology, worldwide service to clients and the need to expand and reach hundreds of clients. With the current expansion and efficiency, Coriant will be in a position to give clients cost effective solutions as outlined at FierceTelecom’s site.

With its expansion, Coriant has proved itself as a company supplying innovative networking solutions to clients. Today, the company boasts of having the top clients in the world comprised of Tier 1 Communication and Service Providers, government, cloud providers and business enterprises. Today, the company provides mobile backhaul solutions and in class packet optical transport. One of the company achievements is world record transmission capacity at 57.6Tbps using hollow core fiber.

FreedomPop Is Now Offering More People Its Great Services

What could be better than a mobile service that is offered for free? Not much, and that is why so many people have been getting excited about FreedomPop. This company offers mobile services for free, and the company has grown quickly in the United States. It has gotten a ton of users because of the free service that it offers, and now it is excited to be able to take the company to the UK.

FreedomPop is hoping to do just as well in the UK as it has done in the United States. It knows that the price of its services are very appealing, as they are either free or upgraded for a low price, and the company knows that once people realize that they will quickly gain a lot of customers in the UK. Everyone loves getting a good deal on any kind of product, and that is what FreedomPop is all about.

FreedomPop isn’t about to just stop at the UK with their expansions, but the company is excited to keep going and growing larger. The company has plans to take their services to more countries in the upcoming years, and that is exciting for people all across the globe. FreedomPop just keeps growing in popularity, and there is no stopping it and all that it is doing.
It is a great thing that FreedomPop has been able to expand into the UK, as all of the people over there are finally getting the chance to use the free services that the company offers. The news of FreedomPop’s expansion was originally released on Digital Trends.

Skout: The Location Based Social App

Skout, founded in 2007, is a social networking application available for both Android and iOS. The application takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of modern mobile devices to provide a social experience based on location, one of the first social platforms to integrate these systems. With over 100,000,000 Skout users, there is always someone to interact with.

The feature rich application is one of the most widely used social platforms. Skout has been popular with people looking for casual connections and romantic relationships alike since its inception. One of the most engaging functions is called Shake to Chat. It has been described by users as addictive fun. The idea is to shake your device, meanwhile Skout will pair you with another person who is simultaneously shaking their device, at random. It’s like having a constant flow of conversations waiting for you, available whenever the sociable mood strikes.

What really sets Skout apart is the large, active community. The application is designed with meeting new people as its primary focus. Liking photos and status updates gives it a familiar feel to anyone who uses Facebook, but it is much more exciting. Whereas the focus of Facebook and most other social platforms is on interacting with content shared by people you already know, Skout is all about meeting new people. Sending a virtual gift or a comment to someone you have never met before can be indescribably fun. There is an element of risk involved in these interactions. It is not unlike reading a great book. You can’t wait to turn the page and find out what happens next.

Skout offers its community a brand new way to meet people. It is an extremely well designed application that promotes interaction between users in some unique ways. Anyone who is looking for a fun, exciting and rewarding social experience will find something to love about Skout. The application is free to download, so the only thing you have to lose is a few minutes of your time. You have the potential for some amazing new life experiences to gain.

Connect With Others Via Skout

Social network has become more important than ever in today’s world. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Skout are being used by many. People find that it is important to be able to connect with others. Doing so can lead to all kinds of benefits for both parties. Someone looking for a job may be able to connect with another person who knows of job openings in their company. Another person may be seeking to connect with someone who knows a great deal about a city they are going to visit such as Amsterdam or New York. That person can connect with a friend in the city they are going to visit in order to have a better time when they visit there. Many people love to meet with travelers around the world who are visiting their region. Having a quick meal with someone who has never been to your favorite town can be like discovering it all over again.

Making such connections is not always easy. This is one of many reasons why people from around the world look to companies such as Skout in order to help them make such connections easier to find. Skout is a company that allows people to meet up in various ways. A user can decide to allow the app’s feature that helps them declare to others just where they are at any given moment in time. This can be an ideal way for someone to hook up with others in their neighborhood who share similar interests such as a love of the ballet or an appreciation for Indian vegetarian food. The user can let others know when they are in a given location so that connections with others can be easily made. Users have the option of allowing people to see where they are or deciding to turn off this feature when they do not want to be found.

People can also Skout to make connections with others they may not know directly but may share a common interest. This can be an excellent way to meet up with people who may are in a given city at the same time. Someone who is traveling through San Diego can specify the kind of likes they have and then use the app in order to see who in the area shares such likes. The result is that that both parties can choose to have a meet up at a given location in the area.

A Visual Search Technology for Businesses and Mobile Users

Slyce visual search technologies offer applications that work with a business’s existing e-commerce system to allow mobile users of Slyce search technologies to snip coupons, snap photos, and make purchases all within seconds of discovery. Using drivetrain technology, they can easily incorporate a business’s existing system into visual search marketing. Through applications available for your portable devices and using programs such as SnipSnap for coupons, Pounce for shopping and keyword recognition, and Craves to keep abreast of the latest fashion offerings, Slyce delivers the customers to the retailer.

For the retailer, Slyce offers the chance to turn your existing #hashtag campaigns into available merchandise ready for the mobile user. They can help you to build that special campaign that will be a cohesive transition to the devices they offer mobile shoppers, to include Lookbooks and embedded URLs. The Slyce technology can take your catalog—tag it for social sites—and/or convert it for use in the mobile applications it offers customers, using relevancy technology.

Physical recognition convergence will enable mobile users to snap photos of your existing ads to find more relevant information or to make a sales transaction. The technology works best with mobile devices, but can be used from a home desktop. The many uses for visual search technologies allow the customer to search from anywhere they want and find what they want quickly.

SnipSnap turns your IOS or Android device into a coupon clipper-saver that will never get lost or forgotten. You can search a large database of coupons available for retail partners and snip it for use at your leisure. When it’s time to use the coupon, the application carries barcode recognition. When the coupon is nearing its end-date and you’re shopping with that coupon’s dealer, it will warn you of the expiration. In 2015, Snipsnap celebrated 4-million users and 50 retail partners.

Pounce uses scan technology to upload photos of objects you want to buy. Just snap the photo, allow the application to search and purchase the item you want. It’s as easy at that. It will be delivered to your doorstep. It uses iPhone technology and the visual search applications are available through the Slyce website.

Craves is a fashion application that allows you to find the latest in trends, or follow those trending. Craves analyzes photos and converts them into keyword searches to find the most similar product to the one requested. You can take snaps from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Drones Could Plant One Billion Trees Per Year

Deforestation has been a hot topic for the past several years. Trees are a natural resource that provide lumber and oxygen for the entire planet, which makes them pretty valuable parts of several different ecosystems. Like many issues facing the planet and the growing population, technology just might have found a way to help out with the problem thanks to a startup company and the use of drones.

According to a source, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, close to the Independent, BioCarbon Engineering, which is helmed by a former NASA engineer, has developed a way to plant a billion trees a year by using drones. The drones survey an area from altitude and then descend to inject a nutrition rich pod complete with seeds into the soil. Since 26 billion trees are being removed every year and only 15 billion are being replanted, the company has developed an interesting solution to reforestation. The company expects to have two fully working prototype drones completed by the end of the summer.

While not as effective as hand sowing individual trees, the company and technology accomplishes the task at about fifteen percent of what it would cost to send teams into the designated areas. With the ability to plant so many trees at a fraction of the cost, BioCarbon looks to be on the verge of a very important breakthrough. Technology and nature are two industries that do not usually team up, but this union looks like it could be extremely promising.