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Heighten Your Shopping Experience With The RealReal

The article, “For The RealReal, 2018 will be ‘the year of the pop-up’” focus on the company The RealReal. The editorial contains how the company is going to preform testing markets in 2018 with their pop-up stores. The RealReal plans to open several pop-up locations to assess how the local market will react to the stores. They describe how more revenue can be seen by customers in a store than shopping online. Pop-up stores will allow for customers looking for more than just a clothing shop by featuring other items in the store such as flowers and cafes. Expressed within the piece is that one advantage to the pop-up store is that when the store closes customers that like the merchandise will follow and continue to shop online.

The RealReal was founded in 2011. Julie Wainwright is the founder of The RealReal. The company offers consignment featuring pre-owned luxury items that have been authenticated. Headquarters for The RealReal are located in San Francisco, California. Brick and mortar stores are not the only available shops they also have pop-up stores as well as valuation offices where customers can go to get their jewelry and watches appraisal value. Valuation offices are found in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. The RealReal has a total funding value of $173 million with a recent growth funding of $50 million provided by Great Hill Partners. The business has over 800 employees within the categories of merchandising, engineering, customer service and inbound and outbound operation. Other sorts of positions are located with sales, creative, marketing, technology and security. They also have over 100 thousand Instagram and over 1000 Twitter followers. Customers who enjoy seeing what can be bought from the store are able to view photos of merchandise at the Instagram and Twitter accounts.