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Eric Lefkofsky: The Man of Hope

Eric Lefkofsky is the renaissance man of the business world. It rare to find someone like Eric with such a diverse portfolio of success. For years, Eric has created lucrative business deals that made him into the success that he is today. Eric holds the distinction of being listed on the Forbes billionaire list multiple times. His meteoric rise in the business world seemed otherworldly. However, Eric Lefkofsky is very much a human being. Although Eric Lefkofsky’s legacy comprises of developing companies into multi-billion dollar businesses, he is not without faults. With that being said, no human being on this on this earth is without faults.

At a time when Eric and his family should be enjoying their wealth, they received some grave news. Recently, they found out his wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, the news has Eric Lefkofsky and his entire family in shambles. The diagnosis has left the family frantically searching for answers. In addition, the diagnosis has left Lefkofsky and his family emotionally scarred. Perhaps, the most frightening aspect of the breast cancer diagnosis is the fact that doctors are unable to decide whether his wife will survive or succumb to the illness.

Fortunately, not all is lost. Lefkofsky and his team created a new company called Tempus. What makes Tempus so significant is that it has developed an operating system for cancer. It works by analyzing molecular data and clinical data gathered from all around the country. Then, doctors who have access to the system use it to create personalized treatments. In an attempt to save his wife’s life, Lefkofsky studied everything he could about health care. In addition, he spoke to multiple doctors about the subject. Click Here to read more .

In particular, Lefkofsky spoke with the highly acclaimed geneticist, Kevin White. They plan on using modern technology to combat cancer. Though finding treatment is a strenuous task, Lefkofsky believes they will find the cure and will not stop until they do. Evidently, Lefkofsky is someone who values his family dearly and will do anything for them. Lefkofsky one day hopes to put this ordeal behind him. Eric at Twitter . for more .