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Talkspace Partnership and Recent Activities in Raising Awareness

Talkspace is a unique therapy application which caters to its client’s mental wellbeing on an online platform. The company has grown tremendously since its incorporation, and it anticipates that this positive trajectory will continue shortly. It has thus adapted to a new strategy which is based on forming partnerships. It is evidenced by a recent collaboration with Michael Phelps and the recruitment of a chief medical officer to be part of the team.

Michael Phelps is an ambassador of Talkspace since he can relate to the mission and objectives of the company. The renowned swimming champion recounts of the events that took place in his life that led him to seek for help. Despite his successful career, he states of the days where he got into a state of depression and tried to end his own life.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

It is imperative to note that this partnership aligns to the vision that Talkspace has for the company. It is where it targets employers who suffer from losses if employees suffer from mental illnesses or breakdowns. Michael Phelps helps raise awareness to employers and employees of the adverse effects of hiding one’s disease.

He admits that he is currently undergoing treatment and the efficiency of Talkspace makes it much more comfortable. He further states that Talkspace is a complete, nonjudgmental therapy application and thus recommends it to everyone.

Talkspace recent activities are mainly focused on raising awareness on the upcoming issues that clients expect to be addressed. This range from the stigma associated with the LGBTQ when they come out. The platform shares stories which will empower others to deal with the same and educate others on the importance of acceptance.

They further inform the users on how to take a personality test to understand themselves better. Matters on cohabitation are also addressed in the article to understand the dynamics of living with a significant other. Talkspace has proven that there exists a need to address issues which affect society.

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Talkspace Hires Neil Leibowitz, a Medical Officer from UnitedHealth

Talkspace, which is an online start-up which offers online therapy via video chat has hired Neil Leibowitz a medical officer from United Health to be prescribed medicines to the patients through the app. Through the online business of meeting the needs of the patients, the company has been able to generate millions of dollars in revenue according to its CEO Oren Frank. The company claims to have reached one million users who are paying for the therapy services, and it is projected that the number will keep on increasing.

According to Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace, Neil Leibowitz brings the experience he has earned at UnitedHealth, and if they tap his potential, the company will benefit immensely. The hiring of a medical officer comes only when the company just built its enterprise business and a considerable potential IPO. Once Neil Leibowitz will be on the board of the Talkspace physicians he will be prescribing medicines to the patients. The company is yet to set rules on what can be prescribed and what cannot be prescribed according to Neil Leibowitz. Other independent consultants will only be able to prescribe medicines according to the rules set by the federal regulations. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

The cost of therapy sessions

Currently, Talkspace offers a $79 weekly services, which cover talking to a therapist online, an additional $49 for messaging a mental health care professional. If the one wishes to continue consulting the therapist for further treatment the payment will vary depending on their condition and the charges of the therapist. According to Oren Frank, the company is generating millions of money from their online therapy services.

Focus on mental health

The company is mainly focused on issues of, mental health; this can be seen on the issues Oren Frank posts on his social media account. He especially focuses on the issue of depression on his twitter account. He says that Talkspace makes their patients have a different perspective on mental issues and that they can overcome any mental challenge.

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The Success Story of a Famous Therapist: Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a marriage and family therapist. Being a seasoned psychologist in the field, she has accomplished a lot during her 20 years of practice. She is even more determined to help individuals, couples and families work through their issues and come up with permanent solutions to their problems. Patty Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California in the year 1981. For people willing to reach her, she is accessible in Maynard, Sudbury, Wayland and the Middlesex County. Patty Rocklage has been involved in teaching, community outreach, team building, coaching and public speaking throughout her career.


Together with Scott Rocklage, her husband, she gave Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) a hand in various sectors. The couple helped in the costs required to renovate a nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab, a department that her husband learned in. The foundation of Patty’s husband was laid in the institution’s Department of Chemistry, which was under Prof. Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. The Rocklage family was given a tour around the renovated lab by Moungi Bawandeni and Lester Wolve who are professors in Chemistry. Later, a plaque was put up in honor of Patty and Scott Rocklage where faculty leaders gave their tributes. The faculty included the current head of department, Timothy Jamison, Silvia Ceyer, the former Department Head and Prof Bawandeni.


For a very long time, Patty and Scott wanted renovations to done in their home, but were oblivious of the outstanding renovation capabilities of Ed Freedlender and the Sudbury Companies. The Sudbury Companies were known for coming up with a synergistic plans for improving homes and also presenting cost saving ideas to optimize the energy, time and resources available to complete the entire house renovation project. Ed gave them ideas on how to reduce the distance between their living room and the kitchen, and to improve the front façade. At the end, the whole project was a success and both Patty and Scott were satisfied with the service offered. In fact, the couple highly recommended Ed and Sudbury for being timely and giving good quality services.