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Financing Rental Property Repairs

Are you considering entering the world of real estate investment for the purpose of leasing to tenants? Renting homes is undoubtedly one positive approach to building your financial portfolio while creating passive income. But have you considered your means for the repair of your property once a tenant vacates? Here are three financial factors to consider before venturing into ownership.

1. Credit cards and good debt. The economy often categorizes finances and its associated debt as either good debt or bad debt. Arguments have even been made that the financing of rental property repairs is labeled as good debt. The use of credit cards to finance repairs may be an avenue you are considering. Although a viable option, this method has the potential to decrease your revenue and negatively effect your debt to income ratio. As you are granted additional credit cards you may begin to use these to finance mortgage payments, repairs from tenant damages, and court costs. You can also find yourself acquiring more credit to meet the monthly expenses that incur after the vacate of the tenant.

2. Funds after closing. If you are unable to purchase your property with cash only and are approved for financing, can you secure enough capital after closing to set aside for future repairs? You may plan to use these funds at closing for other necessities, but eventually a time will come when an appliance must be replaced or the purchase of a new roof is inevitable. Even though you are ultimately paying interest on the cash received at closing, this rate will likely be less than those of credit cards.

3. Rental property emergency fund. The concept of a personal emergency fund has been well known and well discussed, but you may choose to consider bypassing all forms of financing and begin your venture by saving ample business funds for unknowns. You can place these funds in a higher yielding money market account and still have quick access to these funds in the future should an urgent repair be required.

At first glance, the easiest and most viable option for many investors is to simply finance all costs. That’s what Igor Cornelsen had to do to make it big. But if you possess the cash to finance your own repairs, your rate of return will always be more beneficial in the long term to help you meet your passive income goals.

New Funding Helps FreedomPop Grow

FreedomPop is all about providing free services to individuals on their phone. With the skyrocketing price of most mobile providers, it can be rather difficult to find someone who charges a fair price. FreedomPop wants to offer free services to those interested in it, but in order to offer free mobile data and calling services, it does become rather expensive to open and to maintain. That is why the recent fundraising outreach the program obtained is extremely important. FreedomPop recently received $30 million in funding in order to expand its free mobile services.

The company has been around since 2012 and it has been spreading out from LA since it initially opened up. Basically, the company provides bare bone services without charging anyone for using it. This way, it is possible for someone who just doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month.

Multiple other carriers have attempted to buy out the upstart company in recent years. Whether it is to take advantage of the networking elements the company has put into place or to simply buy out the competition (or a bit of both), FreedomPop has turned down all of these different offers and has instead raised nearly $50 million in three years. The original seed money came from Skype’s founder and it has quickly grown into one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the United States as it has more than a million subscribers.

Now, the company is a mobile virtual network operator, which means it does not own any of the wireless infrastructure but instead simply rents it from larger companies. It purchases the data from Spring at wholesale rates, which is similar to how Google works as it buys data from T-Mobile and Spring. However, FreedomPop is giving the services to customers for free.

A Visual Search Technology for Businesses and Mobile Users

Slyce visual search technologies offer applications that work with a business’s existing e-commerce system to allow mobile users of Slyce search technologies to snip coupons, snap photos, and make purchases all within seconds of discovery. Using drivetrain technology, they can easily incorporate a business’s existing system into visual search marketing. Through applications available for your portable devices and using programs such as SnipSnap for coupons, Pounce for shopping and keyword recognition, and Craves to keep abreast of the latest fashion offerings, Slyce delivers the customers to the retailer.

For the retailer, Slyce offers the chance to turn your existing #hashtag campaigns into available merchandise ready for the mobile user. They can help you to build that special campaign that will be a cohesive transition to the devices they offer mobile shoppers, to include Lookbooks and embedded URLs. The Slyce technology can take your catalog—tag it for social sites—and/or convert it for use in the mobile applications it offers customers, using relevancy technology.

Physical recognition convergence will enable mobile users to snap photos of your existing ads to find more relevant information or to make a sales transaction. The technology works best with mobile devices, but can be used from a home desktop. The many uses for visual search technologies allow the customer to search from anywhere they want and find what they want quickly.

SnipSnap turns your IOS or Android device into a coupon clipper-saver that will never get lost or forgotten. You can search a large database of coupons available for retail partners and snip it for use at your leisure. When it’s time to use the coupon, the application carries barcode recognition. When the coupon is nearing its end-date and you’re shopping with that coupon’s dealer, it will warn you of the expiration. In 2015, Snipsnap celebrated 4-million users and 50 retail partners.

Pounce uses scan technology to upload photos of objects you want to buy. Just snap the photo, allow the application to search and purchase the item you want. It’s as easy at that. It will be delivered to your doorstep. It uses iPhone technology and the visual search applications are available through the Slyce website.

Craves is a fashion application that allows you to find the latest in trends, or follow those trending. Craves analyzes photos and converts them into keyword searches to find the most similar product to the one requested. You can take snaps from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Keith Mann Fights for Animal Rights with Everything He’s Got!

Keith Mann is a man who rightly lives up to his title as an animal rights activist. According to Buzzfeed, Mann has dedicated not only a large percentage of his youth, but all of his adulthood to the Animal Rights cause.

As a child, Mann’s interests were peeked while working on a dairy farm in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. He experienced first hand the crying and screeching noises produced by mother cows that are heard on dairy farms. Mann quickly inquired as to why the mother cows were making this noise. He sorrowfully found out that the mother cows were grieving for their young, which had been taken away from them for the purpose of milk harvesting. This experience made an impact on Mann, perhaps rubbing him the wrong way and paved the path for his future pursuits in animal activism.

Mann’s next recorded act of animal activism would be the releasing a neglected rabbit from his pen. He then was recorded as joining an animal activist group that worked to bring awareness against the sport of fox hunting. The group passed out leaflets against the sporting practice. Another of Mann’s activism pursuits was the capturing of 53 goldfish from a fair. He placed the captured fish in his bathtub and later found them homes.

Not all of Mann’s activist pursuits have ended in success, some even ended in destitution. In 1991, Mann was arrested for conspiring to set fire to certain amount of chicken crates and in the 2000’s, he was arrested in various acts of protest. These acts of protest were geared toward preventing the scientific use of animals for product testing, also known as, vivisection.

Among Mann’s successes,he has had much animal activist success in seeking out government support. In 2008, he ran for Parliament with the Animal Welfare Party. Undoubtedly bring awareness to the cause.

In 2013 Mann was diagnosed with a form a cancer called follicular lymphoma. Follicular lymphoma has no known cure. Mann was given a three year survival rate. Due to his belief system, Mann has decided to treat his cancer using the holistic Gerson Therapy. This type of therapy requires an expensive intake of organic foods and detoxification procedures. Supporters of Mann can assist with the finances of his recovery by donating a few dollars. The money raised will allow Mann to purchase his organic food and detox regimen.

Donations can be placed through PayPal at

Google’s Rising Claim to Fame

You’re very familiar with Google. You don’t live under a rock. But within the past decade Google has made significant strides as an internet and software industry as they continue to expand globally. So what is their real claim to fame and are they going to continue with their brand of innovation?

Starting after Yahoo in 1998, Google has made leaps and bounds as a trendsetter in all things internet that makes it no surprise their revenues are up. Google is known for taking chances with their newer products and has made a number of acquisitions that has made it a giant of today’s industry. Let’s take a look at the myriad of special products Google has to offer.

In 2007, Google initiated Android, which is now a major competitor to Apple’s products. You may be familiar with the little green robot, but Android has continued to rise above Windows and iOS(Apple) based on operating system market share.

You may be surprised to learn that YouTube, the leading video website was actually acquired by Google in 2006. 4 billion videos are streamed daily with increases in postings yearly.

If you think Google’s reign stops there, you’re sadly mistaken. Google launched Google fiber to enter the Internet provider industry. This service boasts of more reliable connection speeds and give the Internet provider monopolies a real run for their money. They also provide advertisement opportunities to companies like Bulletproof Coffee (company Instagram) making for a win-win situation.

In short, Google continues to shock and amaze us with their innovative strategies and wide variety of services. They don’t show any signs of stopping, so stay tuned for further development as they excel in multiple industries with ease. For a list of popular Google products click here.