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Black Twitter Covers Diverse Topics With Consistent Hilarity


Black people twitter has become one of the most hilarious aspects of social media. In this area of social media commentary there are lots of screenshots and memes that often throws shade at celebrities.


Some of the best of black twitter that will certainly make people laugh is what Black People are saying about Trump and his role in the presidency. The transition from Barack Obama to Donald Trump has become one of the hottest Black People Twitter topics out there. There is always a lot of joke material that is linked to the hair color of Donald Trump. There’s also a fair amount of Black People Twitter commentary about Barack Obama and the way he is vacationing now that he is no longer subject it to the stress of running the country.


Other popular rants that bring about a wide range of humor assist about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. In the athletic world things from Charles Barkley are commonly found as Black Twitter tweets that initiate laughter.  Sometimes they cover black cartoons too, and all other aspects of popular culture.


Black People Twitter atmosphere is typically filled with a lot of celebrity humor, but there are also other basic everyday working class people that get caught up in the mix as well. There are all kinds of Black People Twitter rants about black men on child support and other topics like student loans and immigration.


There are bountiful topics from random headlines in the news. There are a range of issues that are available for the Black People Twitter jokes.