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Wengie Give Lazy Life Hacks

Wengie is a hugely popular vlogger from Australia. She is followed by millions all over the world. Most of her videos are about easy life hacks or beauty tutorials. She releases videos twice per week usually. In a recent video, she showed her viewers some life hacks for lazy people.


The best hack she offered her audience was creating a makeshift iPad holder for the s side of her night stand. In order to accomplish this, she takes adhesive backed hooks and places them strategically with one facing down and two facing up the length of her iPad. She slides the device into the holders and all she needs to do is sit back and watch until she dozes off.


Some of the other lazy hacks that she featured in her video include using a backward hoody as a popcorn holder, creating an emergency spoon from a yogurt top, putting a photograph of the bottom of the sink over your dishes to hide them, using a hair iron to iron parts of clothing, making a one mug meal with veggies. Some of these hacks are more useful than others but the video is quite entertaining either way. One thing is certain, though, her followers love her videos and are always wondering what new tips and tricks she will have to offer next.

You can find Wengie on Youtube and Instagram. She got her start doing beauty reviews and tutorials for people of Asian decent because she couldn’t find anyone else out there that was representing her demographic. Once she made it big with her beauty videos she moved on to appealing to a broader audience which has worked incredibly well for her over the last several years.

Chris Burch Runs Successful Companies

There are many competitive business markets. In these markets, it takes a special type of executive to run the companies. The executives must have a variety of business qualities that can help in the effort to run a company in a highly competitive market. However, there are a few qualities that executives must have that are more important to the ability to run a successful company than other qualities. One of these qualities is the ability to manage without fear.


In the business world, fear is an emotion that few people will admit but many people have on a daily basis. It is not good for people to admit fear in the business world because fear is looked at as a weakness but fear shows up in many forms regarding executives. A common way that fear shows up in executives is the unwillingness to make bold decisions. It is easy to do what everyone else is doing. However, it takes nerve to go outside the box and try ideas that are not typical.


Trying new ideas or ideas that are out of the box require executives to not let fear keep them from trying the new ideas. Executives can have fear, but the fear cannot control what they do or will not do on a daily basis. There are executives in the fashion industry that make bold decisions frequently.


The fashion industry is an industry where the public likes new and fresh ideas. The fashion industry responds to fashion that is different. Sometimes different will be received well but there are times when different will not be received well, but the executives cannot let fear keep them from trying different things in the fashion industry.


One of the different things that some executives in the fashion industry are doing is using technology with fashion designs. This is a fresh idea that has been used some in the past but is still somewhat new. The use of technology has many benefits for the fashion industry. Also, the use of technology brings technology into an entirely different arena.


Chris Burch is an executive who does not let fear keep him from trying new ideas. He has a willingness to give new ideas a try in any industry. He has started and ran multi million dollar companies in several different industries that include the fashion and technology industries,


Chris Burch is a very smart businessman who understands that being proactive is important to the success of any company. As a result, Chris Burch does not allow fear to control what he will or will not do regarding a company that he manages.

Doug Levitt: A Voice for the Under Represented

Doug Levitt started his career as a foreign correspondent for major American news companies but quickly fell in love with music and decided to come back to the United States. He moved to Nashville and met up with David Henry, where they decided to create the Greyhound Diaries.

They Greyhound Diaries follows Levitt for the past decade where he has traveled over 100,000 miles on Greyhounds, in search of other people’s stories. The reason that he chose Greyhounds as his sounding board is because they represent the poor, people who cannot afford to fly or even drive a vehicle of their own across our country. Another factor that makes it more interesting is that Greyhounds have over thirty-five hundred stops while Southwest boasts a little over two hundred stops. This allowed Levitt to go into regions that are smaller to hear more stories.

Stories that he talks about are lives of other people willing to share their story.Doug  Levitt shares some of his own as well, the biggest one being how these strangers have helped him cope with the loss of his father through suicide. He grew up in Washington, D.C. with his mother being a Council Member for the city. He went to public schools and was in the gospel choir in high school despite the fact that his family is Jewish. He felt guilty about his father’s suicide but cites that it helped persuade him to follow his dream and become an artist.

The art of learning about others and singing in places such as The Kennedy Center and the University of Southern California, and with artist such as Steve Bowman and Craig Wright. He has written a book about his experience and plans to continue what originally started out as a six week journey. Most recently he focused on the elections, taking time to ride the Greyhound and promote voting for the most under represented people in our nation.


White Shark Media Drives Home Conversions

With business owners, there are milestones towards their success. The first thing for online marketers is that they have to build up their platform and then do everything they can to market. The first step is to get traffic to their site. Afterwards, they have to work on getting the conversion. While it is true that a lot of sites depend on a large amount of traffic in order to make the sales, there are actually factors that have an influence on the conversion rate. One of the main factors is the advertising. There is a lot of work that goes into putting together the ad campaign that increases the conversion rate of the site.


While the business owner could take the time to try to get a ad campaign going, he will have a better chance with getting the help of an advertiser. One advertising firm that could help with the ad campaign is White Shark Media. They have a lot of experience and skills when it comes to putting together an ad campaign. One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that the professionals of this company have used their expertise in order to bring forth greater conversions to businesses.


White Shark Media will not only work on an ad that talks about a specific aspect of their clients business, but they will also include the client on every aspect of the work they are doing. For one thing, clients need to know what is working and what is not so that they will be able to adjust their business practices. One of the inner workings of the business is in the details of everything that is working. White Shark Media understands the strengths of businesses and sees the importance in bringing out the strengths to people so that they will want to do business with the company.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

Qnet-A company for the people

Qnet is an international e-commerce website. There is also an app that can be download on the Apple and Google Play Store. This company is one of Asia’s top-selling business. They have been in business for seventeen years.Their website is market to more than 100 countries worldwide. They offer something for everyone on their website. The company also have QNET distributors. The company inspiration comes from the life of Gandhi. Leadership skills are this company number one focus, and of course Gandhi had exceptional leadership skills. They live by the model “Raised Yourself To Help Mankind”.

These QNET distributors are known as Independent Representatives. This company also strive for people to be able to create a living for their self. They believe that more people should be self-employ. They believe that anyone can start a business as long as that have the drive and ambition to get it started, and to keep working at it until he or she become a success. They are all about empowering people to achieve in life. They want to see people dreams come a reality.

This is a company that thrives on diversity. They celebrate people that come from all different walks of life. There have many employees that are from all different parts of the world. The company also advocate fitness and health. Some of the items they sell on their website are gels that will give you the perfect tone tummy. They are also big on fiber. They sell fiberfit; which is a powder that you can put in any liquid. It can also be mix in almost any type of food.They also sell other wellness products, skin care, and jewelry.The products that they sell on their website receives high reviews.

The goal of the company is to become the greatest eCommerrce leader within their field of expertise; They want to have a positive influence on people who are looking to becoming more self-efficient. They work as a team to ensure that everyone is on the right path of success; they do not want any man left behind. They want everyone on their team to be able to reach their highest potential. Their expertise in their entrepreneur skill gives people the right layout plan so that they do not stray into the wrong path. An individual will never have to worry if they would be treated unfairly if they join this team because the company believes in treating everyone as equal and with the utmost integrity.

They have awesome products that are sold by some great ambitious people. They have a great layout plans for anyone who have the drive and focus to begin to take their life on the path that they want to be.

Dan Newlin: representing clients with mind and heart

How many personal injury clients can say their attorney saw their situation from a first person experience perspective. The clients represented by Dan Newlin and his law firm have been served by an attorney who has seen what accidents, negligence and personal injury cases bring to the victims. Dan began his career life as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. He saw first hand what serious damage injuries cause both physically and emotionally. He took this experience with him to his next stop,as a police officer. He relocated to Orange County, Florida and served as a Deputy Sheriff. While in this position he entered college and law school. With the real life experiences as EMT and law enforcement officer he took on the practice of working for accident and personal injury clients.

Insurance companies employ every means to keep settlements to a minimum, despite pain and suffering of victims. Dan uses his skill,s education and real life experience to counter claims that minimize the stress and trauma of victims. Dan seeks justice and compensation for his clients. Lost wages, loss of mobility and emotional trauma that persists long after the accident can rarely be fully replaced but a just settlement often begins a healing process.

Dan Newlin and Partners has assembled a team of experienced professionals and specialists who conduct investigation in depth to make sure their cases is won. They share the same dedication to clients that inspired Dan to enter law after his EMT and law enforcement experience. They have to date won over $200 million for clients. They are licensed to practice in Florida and Illinois.

As a law enforcement officer Dan realizes what an unjust arrest or accusation can do to someone’s career and personal life. Recently Dan Newlin and Partners began defending clients arrested or accused unjustly of criminal behavior. They apply the same diligence and persistence in these cases as they do in personal injury law and they win for their clients.

Dan Newlin: Much More than a Super Lawyer

Accidents happen when least expected even if someone is being careful. Unfortunately, many accidents happen as a result of someone else’s negligence. The injuries sustained in an accident that perpetrate physical pain can range from head injuries, neurological damage, or emotional stress. Personal injury lawyers are highly skilled and they recognize what steps to take when dealing with personal injury litigation.

Many people are unsure of how to search for the perfect personal injury lawyer to represent them.Some lawyers post ads and are well known in the area but don’t have a great reputation when it comes to settlement. Others have a hard time connecting with their clients which cause unnecessary gaps in the case. That is not the situation for Attorney Dan Newlin, a personal injury lawyer with offices in Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Attorney Newlin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer which is an acknowledgement of peer recognition and professional achievement. Less than 5% of all lawyers in Florida earn this distinct appreciation.

Attorney Newlin has had many successful outcomes. He had a record setting verdict of $100 million while representing a teenager who suffered brain damage and has been in a coma since 2012. What is the key to Attorney Newlin’s success? Perhaps it goes beyond the support he has from the solid attorney’s employed at Newlin Law.

Attorney Dan Newlin has made many endeavors to reach out to people in his community and develop professional relationships. In fact, he has developed the Dan Newlin Miracle Project to help bring miracles to children. One remarkable effort he made was bringing Evander Holyfield to the Arnold Palmer’s Children’s hospital to bring smiles to children battling cancer. His ongoing support to meaningful charities has helped him gain trust in people.

Personal injury lawyers have many responsibilities, and staying on top of the latest technology is sometimes pushed aside. Attorney Newill has developed a new way for his clients to reach him via telephone without having to listen to a catchy tune. With the assistance of local phone companies, #Dan (hashtag Dan) has been created for the ease of his clients to reach him.

It is evident that the success of personal injury lawyers has to do with more than just knowing the law. Connecting with the community, gaining trust, and implementing unique ideas will allow these hard-working lawyers to have an edge over other competitors.


Adam Sender was not only a hedge fund manager, but he also collected art in his spare time. He leaned toward a surreal life, evidence of which could be seen in the art work he displayed in his office. Examples of his surrealism are seen in artist, Dan Flaven who created sculptures from commercial light fixtures and did weird figure painting; John Currin, who was a pop artist; Kara Walker who dealt with race, gender violence, identity and sexuality, plus Thomas Ruff’s suggestive, blurry photo of a scantily clad woman. Copies of Greenspan’s “Age of Turbulence” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugs” seen on his coffee table were also signs of his surrealism.

When Adam Sender had his own hedge fund and continued as an art collector, he was in the spot light in the Art Basil Miami Beach when he mounted an exhibit of works from his private collection that was staged in one of his Miami homes. On display were works by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. There were only 70 works out of 1,000 pieces valued at $100,000 on exhibit and Sender said he regretted that so much of his collection was hidden away.

The discerning eye that Sender used in buying for his own hedge fund carried over into his selection of art. He bought reasonably priced art which increased many times over. For instance, a Richard Price could at one time be bought for $100,000, but became unaffordable.

Even though Sender had financial problems from time to time, he continued to buy works only from new artists who were well established. Two of the later works he bought were by Frank Benson, who did sculptures and photography and Diana Al-Hadid who created sculpture, installation, and drawing using various media. Sender could probably find a permanent private collector museum, but said he was in no hurry and continued to be happy doing exhibitions now and then.

The Profile of Dan Newlin

Lawyers play a crucial role in defending people before the law courts. Some lawyers have been entrusted with providing legal advice to the government, corporations and individuals. Personal injury lawyers are quite important in the provision of their services to the masses, particularly on injury and accident claims. There has been a rise in accidents and injuries. Most of the injuries and accident victims are left unawares of what actions to take against their employers or people who occasion their suffering. Personal injury lawyers like Dan Newlin come in handy to represent the injury and accident victims before courts.

Dan Newlin commenced his career at the age of 20 in the law enforcement unit. Owing to his excellent performance in the enforcement unit, Dan went on to work for Indiana Police Department, New Chicago and the Fire Department. For solid 10 years, Dan worked at the office of the Orange County Sheriff. He earned the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective while working at the Sheriff’s office. Over his years working at the enforcement unit, Dan was able to accomplish high achievements that saw him work as an auto theft expert under the fugitive division unit of the detectives. During his time while serving as a detective, Dan was responsible for apprehending many fugitives. His brilliance and excellent record of accomplishments saw him win different awards as his performance was beyond the call of duty.

It was in 1997 that Dan went to law school at the prestigious Florida State College of Law. He finished his studies in 2000 and graduated as a lawyer. The attorney was issued with a license to operate and practice law in Chicago and Illinois. The lawyer still has offices in these regions that offer outstanding legal services to the masses. Dan is recognized as one of the successful lawyers in the region in terms of making recovery on behalf of his accident and injury clients. To date, the prudent attorney has managed to recover over $150 million for his diverse clients. His law firm has sought the services of 18 qualified and experienced attorneys. These attorneys have registered personal successes in their respective practices as attorneys. They range from Certified Surgeons and State prosecutors to experienced attorneys who have made landmark rulings to different cases.

Lawyer Dan Newlin has been instrumental in providing legal services to personal injury victims, families suing for wrongful deaths, clients suing medical negligence, accident victims and recently, he started focusing on people who have been wrongly charged with offenses of criminal nature. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin have been using the hash tag #Dan to ensure its clients reach the offices at any time of their convenience. The law offices have been utilizing technology to reach out to masses as they guarantee excellent representation of their clients on matters of injury and accidents.

Adam Sender is Going to Sell His 400 Piece Art Collection and Expecting $70 Million Dollars

If you were smart enough to start buying art while you managed your hedge fund, you could soon be joining the ranks of Adam Sender when his art collection is listed at the Sotheby’s auctions. Chances are however that not too many people took this unconventional route, especially when the hedge fund was doing exceptionally well over a decade ago. Adam Sender did in fact do something quite unique, and he stands to walk away from this art auction with a cool $70 million dollars in his pocket.

Looking back today, the moves Sender made look genius to say the least. Had you learned of his investments back when he was making them however, you might think he was a little off his game having moved money from a profitable hedge fund to a very risk art market that could go bust at any time. Sender was running a very successful hedge fund, and his clients were enjoying the spoils of that fund each quarter when the earnings reports were released. Clients kept dumping profits into the fund, and Sender kept pulling his to look for other ways to bank profits.

Sender decided that he would take the profits he was making at the time and purchase some artwork. The problem he experienced right out of the gate was that to buy the best pieces, he would need to shell out millions of dollars. So this is where Sender took a slightly different and more risky road that would ultimately result in him making more money than he could have ever imagined. Sender decided to look for the best Contemporary art pieces that were created by some lesser known artists. These pieces were more risky but the investment was a fraction of what it would have been to buy a Warhol.

Instead of laying out a few million dollars for a masterpiece by the greatest artists of our time, Sender searched high and low for lesser known artists who had created spectacular pieces over the years. These pieces of art were available at the time for $100,000 to $250,000 at a time when the art market was not peaking by any means. When Sender sold off a few pieces in 2006 for $20 million dollars, he knew he had stumbled on a gold mine and continued to collect the artwork. Now flash forward to 2015, and he is looking to score a $70 million dollar hit when the entire collection is sold off late in 2016.

Sotheby’s is still marketing and listing the pieces, and a representative for the auction house is saying it will take 18 months to move that huge collection of 400 pieces from 139 unique artists.