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Maarten de Jeu Has A Passion For Science And Business

While Maarten de Jeu has a strong passion for business as a financial professional, he is also interested in the world of science and in the past had been a co-chair at the Museum of Science and Industry for their Science Spins program. This program was dedicated to teaching people about the bicycle and its history. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is known as the biggest museum dedicated to science in the entire Western Hemisphere. In order to help teens in the area discover and follow a love of science, they use an internship known as the Farrell Fellows during the summer when school is not in session. Over 5 weeks, the program works with the teens to teach them about science, public speaking, and leadership development. Learn more:


Education has always been important to Maarten de Jeu during his life and career. He is multilingual with the ability to speak French, German, Dutch, and English. He is highly involved with the community of Chicago and is part of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Economic Club of Chicago. Currently, Maarten de Jeu is working with Aviva, an insurance firm, in Chicago. He had been recruited to work with the company in their London office to help the company grow by assisting them in developing strategies and initiatives throughout Europe as well as Asia. In 2008, Aviva asked him to join their company in the United States as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development.


while Maarten de Jeu has a long history of philanthropy and serving his community, he is best known for his career in business and the success that he has helped the companies that he has worked with achieve. He first began gaining experience at TVDK Management Consultants from 1999 to 2007 where he worked on international corporate strategy before he even finished his college education. He first began his career with the company that is located in Amsterdam as an analyst but was able to move his way up in the company quickly after proving his capabilities in the field. Eventually, he obtained the position of Senior Associate for TVDK Management Consultants.


Maarten de Jeu is an international strategy advisor along with a corporate development strategist. He has worked with several companies in Europe and the United States leading growth initiatives that were successes. He attended Leiden University where he majored in Public Administration along with a Social Science M.A and graduated from in 2001. Maarten de Jeu went on to attend the University of Oxford where he attended their Said Business School and earned his executive MBA in 2005. In addition, he graduated at the top of his class and had earned several finance specializations. Connect with Maarten on LinkedIn

The Supreme Guide In Enhancing Your Media Outreach Tactics

You are a new on the internet business that has a great site. Part of your marketing strategy is to supply your desired audience engaging content.

Currently what? Have you any kind of concept that networking outreach is a considerable part of your ad campaign?

What is a media outreach?

The most vital purpose of every internet business is to target the visitor that could be considering their products and also brand, and that will get from whatever they need to offer. However, concentrating just earnings can not provide you with the advantages that you are seeking.

Media outreach is a critical part in the effective advertising and marketing technique of each brand. Here, the focus will certainly be routed to journalism, including blog writers, blog writers, and publications. Evaluating your project to the media indicates, developing content your designated audience and their subscribers will undoubtedly take pleasure in, so the two of you can profit out of it.

The way to obtain effective media outreach?

Assembling your media outreach methods can ensure:

  • You’ve got better internet visibility and presence.
  • You reach a more comprehensive target audience.
  • People today depend on you better.

Below is a step-by-step overview on how you can boost your media outreach and leverage on its benefits:

Plan your news releases.

Prior to releasing your narrative for the media, see to it that every little thing is set up. Have you mentioned the critical audio speakers or business leaders as well as requested their approval to market the information? Assemble the crucial multimedia info that’s necessary to the narrative. Make certain it’s accessible so the press reporters will not be asking for extra details.

Produce a draft.

Compose a narrative. Clarify on the replies and also define all of the details. Include a quotation or 2 to include authenticity and motivate the description. You need to discuss the advantages that the target market will obtain as that supplies the press reporters the major factor they must share your very own story. Do not ignore journalism call, so that they can connect with the perfect individual if they desire additional sources or advice.

Be an amazing author.

As an example, attempt to angle your details in a manner you will certainly perhaps tell exactly how your service started. You may state your Dunkin Donut business started as a family dish made by your granny, as well as her grandchildren handle the company.

Just telling about just how energetic your company is, or when you started as a corporation won’t acquire anymore. Take into consideration methods to transform your basic info into something imaginative.

Who is the media call?

Entire details is vital to ensure seniors can reach them out for any inquiries as well as added details.

An organisation could disperse the launch by themselves or make use of a supply service to make it to the media. The benefit of utilizing their options, including using a link with networking, information electrical outlets and also reporters, measurable benefits and also reaching target audiences.

Do not be prevented.

Do not be disappointed if the media which you need will not ensure your story. Occasionally, you’ll obtain more rejections than approval. You require to take it within the company instead of individual. Instead, focus on reaching out to your goal colleagues as well as establish your relationship together. Keep in mind that media outreach is a procedure, as opposed to a single shooter.

Every little thing you need to know:

Media outreach is a problem of building connections. It isn’t just pitching appropriate news release to the media and also press outlets, calling unfamiliar people to adhere to or talking about their websites. If you are significant about your ad campaign, you need to work on your media outreach approaches.

Get Signature Financial Suopirt From NexBank

Many people are living from check to check, and can’t afford the huge fees that are imposed with most banks. In fact, a great back in hard economic times will reduce the fees for their customers while giving them successful told to maximize their finances in hard times. NexBank is proudly located in Dallas, Texas and offers personalized account holders many financial opportunities at great interest rates. Chairman, and CEO, John Holt, says putting customers in the inclusion of their design efforts allows them to attract more customers based on their financial needs. Their nationwide customers are estimated to total over 324,000, and growing.


NexBank Decides To Expand


There are several ways for your bank to back your financial efforts, and NexBank is on board with internal growth opportunities. They allow their customers to initiate services including an interest bearing savings account at 1.9% interest. Their expansion operatives were designed to improve the financial outlook for their customers. They focus on three core financial services that include their commercial, industrial, and investment banking patrons. Learn more about their select account options by visiting their easy to read, and navigate website for more service options.


NexBank Services & Features


First-time Homeowners Program


Get the option of becoming a first-time homeowner with purchasing options with NexBank. Learn about how many low-income residents have taken the opportunity to purchase their first home under NexBank leadership. Buying a home is a major investment, and the decision should not be made without the help of a professional mortgage expert.


College Savings


You can get rid of huge student financial debt by taking part in the NexBank college savings program. They offer their customers over 1,300 plus programs to choose from with the option of saving on tuition, and other school expenses.


Learn how to save with a new, or existing NexBank account by speaking to one of their friendly IT professionals today for details.

Enjoy Popular Remodeling Services With The AC Construction Professionals


The Aloha Construction Group is located in beautiful Lake Zurich. They reign supreme in the aftermath of a storm. There are several ways they can transform your home or commercial business into a professional upgrade. You have an opportunity to rebuild your home from damage caused by extreme weather. Trust their family-owned operation to offer you in-house financing. You can get the services you need from the inquiry to the building phase. Their licensed and trained professionals specialize in roofing and siding. Visit the popular AC Construction website for more details today.


Roofing And Siding: What To Expect From Aloha Construction


Spruce up your Lake Zurich home with the help of an Aloha expert. They offer their clients a unique roofing opportunity for all types including a flat roof. Clients receive a listing of roofing materials that provide durable samples. In fact, their professionals will stop unwanted pests from entering your home. Unfortunately, missing shingles are the top entryway for pests to enter your home. Their new roof can stop leaks and structural damage from excessive water caused by melting snow.


Their siding options are a great way for you to spruce up your home or neighboring residences. Choose from eco-friendly material that includes vinyl or aluminum. They reduce your energy bills with any siding that you choose. You can make your selection during a free consultation. Ask the professionals for any specific custom colors that you would like to see for your upgrade project. The Aloha Construction Group was one of the first to meet the demands of victims that were in need from Hurricane Maria. The category 5 storm ripped through the tiny island of Puerto Rico. The Aloha Construction Group was one of the first to donate a generous amount of time and resources.

Get to Know Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has long been a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology. McCaleb cut his teeth with eDonkey2000 back in 2000. This was an early network that allowed people to share files with one another. More recently, McCaleb has made his mark in the world of blockchain technology.

McCaleb founded famous Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. Initially envisioned as a Magic: The Gathering trading site, when that failed to catch on he changed directions. In 2010, Mt. Gox began functioning as place where people could convert bitcoin to dollars and vice versa.

According to Jed, he spends most of his time working on Founded with Joyce Kim, this nonprofit seeks to revolutionize the way finance works around the world. Stellar is powered by the same blockchain technology that underlies the world of cryptocurrency. McCaleb sees blockchain as the future for a universal payments network.

McCaleb’s ultimate goal for is to process payments in both crypto and fiat style currencies. He envisions a network that can even be used to trade securities like stocks and bones. The goal date for this revolutionary network? In 2028, just under a decade from now.

Jed McCaleb was also behind the Ripple payment protocol. In just a few years, Ripple became widely accepted. It’s unique in that it utilizes open source code. Used by UBS, Santander and other financial institutions, Ripple is unique among crypto companies. Unlike Bitcoin, it doesn’t use blockchain technology. is a lot like Ripple in function. There are two key differences. Firstly, this time McCaleb seeks to take advantage of blockchain technology. Secondly, McCaleb hopes to provide an alternative for people in underdeveloped countries. Billions of people around the world have no access to banks.

McCaleb has never been one to think small. Born in Arkansas, he briefly attended UC Berkeley before dropping out and moving to New York City. He loves working and feels blessed that his job brings him into contact with some of the finest minds in the world.

Kamil Idris: Intellectual Property in a Globalized World

Technology is bringing the world, developing and developed, closer together and that increased connectivity has spurred an explosion in patent filings. It is a synergy of shared ideas and inventive thinking, but in a global economy built on information how do the owners of intellectual property capitalize and thrive on their work? Dr. Kamil Idris, an expert in this field of thinking, having served as the director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in Geneva, wants to create the framework that can address that question.

The challenges of globalization include counterfeiting, piracy, and the privacy issues surrounding the piles of patents awaiting approval, and this is in the developed world. Kamil Idris, a citizen of Sudan, has the vantage point of someone familiar with intellectual property from a region of the world that is failing to reap its financial benefits. This is supported by a staggering statistic: less than 2% of international patent filings originate on the African continent.

The issue can be represented by a fact far simpler than patents though: black market channels are clogged with a glut of fraudulent designer items. There are more nefarious examples too, such as the prevalence of foreign companies setting up shop in developing countries. They familiarize themselves with local knowledge and then sell what they’ve learned to the world. Idris sees these financial costs in the greater context of the toll that economic loss has on the human and social networks with which it is intertwined.

The framework to confront this issue is in the nascent stages, but the World Trade Organization (WTO) has instituted the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty. Idris, as director of WIPO, has championed and promoted both treaties by celebrating April 26 as World Intellectual Property Day. His hopes are that these are just the first steps towards confronting the demands of technology. As they currently read, both treaties are nothing more than agreements that intellectual property law needs to be reformulated for the digital world. Kamil Idris hopes now to see governments fall in line with WIPO’s lead.


Stellar Co-Founder, Jed McCaleb Makes Bold Prediction for near Future

Jed McCaleb is the man behind Stellar, a blockchain company that provides their technology to financial organizations, enabling them to make cheaper, more secure international transactions.


Stellar uses its blockchain technology to connect financial institutions to each other in cheaper ways than previous method. Stellar is already operational in countries all over the world. Stellar assists in providing financial services that were not previously available.


McCaleb has been involved in the tech world for years and has worked on much more than just blockchain. He was also behind the innovative thinking involved in Mt. Gox, eDonkey and Overnet. The choices made during his career have made him one of the most revered names in the entire tech industry; when Jed McCaleb talks, people listen.


McCaleb recently made a prediction that, if true, would mean drastic changes for both the financial industry and the blockchain industry. McCaleb announced that he believed one day soon, one network will financially connect the entire world. McCaleb went on to expand on his prediction by saying that even stocks will someday be traded completely through cryptocurrency technology.


In order for a crypto-company to be successful at such a scale, it must first meet a few prerequisites. The company must be able to exchange any type of currency for a different type of currency. The company must also of course be a safe, secure payment method. Blockchain describes the process of storing public records on hundreds of different machines, making it impossible for criminals to alter the records in any way.


At the moment, most blockchain companies are focusing on untapped markets. Some blockchain companies are fraudulent as well. The increase in fraudulent companies is due to the ever growing popularity of the blockchain industry. When the trendy industry dies down a bit, one legitimate company will be given a path towards global success.


One such company, Securrency, already offers a way for investors to invest in stocks via crypcurrencies.

Investing for the Future With Richard Dwayne Blair

Investing is a difficult subject for some people to understand. Few people actively invest for the future. Many people struggle with high levels of debt. One proven strategy to improve financially is to work with a professional financial planner. Richard Dwayne Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions focuses on helping clients plan their financial future.

Richard Dwayne Blair has worked hard throughout his career. He worked for a large financial planning company after he graduated. Although he enjoyed working with clients, he wanted to own a company. Richard Dwayne Blair decided to start Wealth Solutions several years ago. Since that time, the company has expanded and now serves thousands of customers each year.

Investment Advice

Building wealth is not complicated. Many people struggle with their finances because they do not have a solid plan. Budgeting is a critical component of financial success. Some people do not realize how much money they spend in specific product categories. By controlling spending each month, people will have more money to save and invest for the future.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that people should start investing as early as possible. Some people do not begin investing until much later in life. People who start investing at an early age have a substantial financial advantage.


Richard Dwayne Blair also believes that education is a critical investment. Some people feel like college is a waste of money. Although the cost of college has increased exponentially in recent years, a college degree is still valuable. Some students make the mistake of attending an expensive school without a plan for the future. Earning a degree in a relevant field is still a proven strategy for financial success.

Richard Dwayne Blair is excited about the future of Wealth Solutions. He enjoys interacting with clients each day, and he believes that his company makes a positive impact in the community.



James Dondero The Talk Of Dallas

James Dondero’s Support For Dallas
There is no doubt that James Dondero has become the talk of the Dallas community. The reason for this popularity is due to his recent overwhelming philanthropy across Texas. As a result, there is a lot of positive impact in this society. James Dondero, who is the President and the co-founder of the Highlands Capital Investment-based in Dallas, has accumulated a lot of wealth, from his vast experience and positions in the finance sectors. His philanthropy is a great lesson to the young generation of the Dallas society, as the more he makes, the more he spends on community projects.

The Dallas Zoo
Under James’ leadership, the Highland’s capital investment has increased its philanthropy. As a result, it has sought for partnerships where they can channel their funds to. One of these partners is the Dallas Foundation that is deeply rooted in the Dallas society. The partnership has seen overwhelming donations of millions from Highland’s investment. Some of the donations include the renovation and construction project of the Dallas Zoo that saw Hippos back to this zoo since 2001.In addition, to these projects is the Highland Hippo Hut that is used by the community to display private events in the zoo. Moreover, in the quest to fulfilling his dreams for the Dallas community, James has donated to charities, like the Bush Library and Museum and its institute that provides mentorship for the future leaders from the community through education.

About James Dondero
James Dondero is a prominent entrepreneur, who has gained experience by working up the leadership ranks of various organizations. Some of these organizations include the Protective Life and America Life. These experiences laid a foundation for his career at the hedge fund, where he is popularly known as a developer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation transactions. A combination of this vast experience and outstanding educational qualification from the University of Virginia, in accounting and finance, have propelled James to be the business mogul he is today. As a result, he is highly regarded for board positions like in the American Banknote, and the NexBank, where is the chair.

Dr. Jennifer Walden:

A Closer Look: Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Dr Jennifer Walden is an established Plastic Surgeon who is currently based out of Austin Texas. In addition to running a lucrative plastic surgery practice, Dr. Walden is also an media commentator.

Dr. Walden is one of the few that was chosen to serve on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In addition, Dr. Walden also published a book called “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”.

Dr. Walden earned a degree in Biology from the University of Texas. She then continued her studies at the University of Texas Medical School. After completing her Fellowship Dr. Walden worked as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in Manhattan for a little over five years. It was while she was in New York that Dr. Walden build a reputation as an personable and competent physician.

Jennifer Walden decided to return to Texas and start a practice within the Austin area. Dr. Walden currently performs a variety of plastic surgery procedures including breast augmentation as well as vaginal tightening. Dr. Walden is highly regarded due to the fact that she utilizes advanced technology and 3-D imaging in her practice.

By using 3-D imaging, Dr. Walden can give patients an idea of what they will look like not only before but after a cosmetic procedure is completed. In addition, Dr. Walden uses a special temperature controlled radio frequency system for some of her more delicate procedures.

Other Accomplishments:

Dr. Walden has also developed some of her very own surgical instruments. Some of Dr. Walden’s instruments are currently sold by Accurate Scientific Inc. Some of Jennifer Walden’s instruments are now being used by some major hospitals.

Dr. Walden has appeared on several television shows including Good morning America as well as Dr. Oz. Dr. Walden has discussed publicly her participation in clinical trials involving breast implants. In addition, Dr. Walden serves as an consultant for Venus Concept as well as Sciton Inc.

Jennifer Walden has established herself as an competent and skilled plastic surgeon. It seems that Dr. Walden continues to receive great recognition and her practice continues to flourish.