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Australian Honey Birdette Travelling the World

Australia has recently seen their very own Honey Birdette launching a website directed at the United States. There are also plans to expand towards the United Kingdom and Europe in general. The brand has plans to increase the number of stores they have in their UK portfolio. At the moment there is only three, but by the end of 2018, there could be as many as 40.


International Brand Growth


The Honey Birdette brand was born in Brisbane in 2006, and it was the brain child of Eloise Monaghan. The United States online shops were opened when the sales rose by as much as 374% over a period of 12 months. Now there is a different platform allowing people to not only shop but to have a better experience. It will allow deliveries to be faster and in some cases even free (over orders of 50$). The return policies will be more flexible, and the range for US clients will expand.


New shops will be opened in the US after the online success after the UK store count goes up.


The first shop Honey Birdette had outside Australia is located in London. Later two more stores opened their doors to customers. Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and Westfield White City all proudly carry the Honey Birdette name.


Unapologetic and Sensual Experience


Honey Birdette is an Australian boutique. It saw its beginnings during a chat between two friends enjoying a glass of champagne. They were talking about the almost impossible task of finding the right kind of lingerie and then set out to change it.


The boutiques are exclusive, sensual and lush in interior design. They allow their customers to have an experience during their shopping trip. They can leave with some lovely pieces and good memories about the time they spent in one of the Honey Birdette boutiques.


It is style and sophistication all in one wrapped with a bow.

Honey Birdette; Australian Sensuality Boutique

This is Australia’s first sensuality boutique with 55 stores in the country. Honey Birdette was started in the year 2006 by two close friends. This idea came up as a result of them having troubles in accessing luxury and lingerie bedroom accessories. This was the main reason they decided to introduce a new sense of sensuality to flavor up the Australian bedroom. Apart from providing lingerie to high-end toys, Honey Birdette offers guidance to their clients who are in need of any kind of pleasure parlor. All of their products are designed in the Honey Birdette Headquarters under the leadership of Eloise Monaghan who is the founder and creative director.

Honey Birdette is designed to ensure that all clients visiting their shops leave the place with the best experience. This is achieved by the range of bespoke accessories available. Basically, its Honeys are offered to not only give power to women but also to ensure that they are entertained.

Recently, the brand did launch its US e-commerce site. It further, revealed its strategy that by the end of the year 2018, they would have upgraded their UK retail portfolio from the current 3 stores to forty (40). Launching of the US site is majorly triggered by the rise in US online sales witnessed in the past one year. This is intended to boost client experience, by ensuring fast delivery of products to their clients. Furthermore, it is projected to ensure that more products are easily accessed by their customer regardless of the location.

Apart from having opened stores in London’s Covent Garden last year, Honey Birdette also targets to set up retails in the US. It is also looking forward to investing in other premium places in Europe. Price for the best brand ranges from £35 for briefs and £60 for bras.

Cassio Audi’s Early Music Career

Cassio Audi’s early years were dedicated to the music industry. It is important to note that Audi was a founding member of the Viper Rock Band in 1985. During this time, Cassio specialized in playing the drums alongside his band mates Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell and Yves Passarel. Viper Roc Band was inspired by Iron Maiden and British heavy metal music.

First Album Release
Audi was an excellent drum player, and this was highlighted to the world through the band’s first demo album titled The Killer Sword. After this demonstration, there were a few adjustments done before the first release in 1987. The group produced great music with massive support from the Brazilians and Cassio used his talent on the music platform to establish good working relationships. Through his extraordinary musical talent, Viper Rock Band was able to produce high-quality songs. As a result, Viper reached the top charts in United States, Europe, and Japan.

Cassio’s Education Background
In 1989, Cassio changed his career course from music to business. After the successful second album release, Theatre of Fate, Cassio Audi quit his music career and enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo to pursue an MBA in finance. His fans were highly disappointed with his move towards the corporate world. Audi keenly observed the Brazilian financial industry and then decided to invest in companies that can assist Brazilians. Cassio took advantage of the stagnant Brazilian economy to develop portfolios that can help the old retirees as well the youth.

Furthermore, he is well acquainted and has expertise in the real estate sector and stock exchange market in Brazil. Cassio has over 23 years of financial management experience and is well equipped in handling several management accounts. Also, he has managed private, public and equity funds and had the expertise to handle investor relationships, IPO, business planning, and resource management.

Omar Yunes: Bagging Home a Prestigious Award

Omar Yunes is a Mexican businessman who owns 13 franchises of Sushi Itto, a Japanese restaurant chain. He owns almost 10% of all the total units of the brand, and he has been recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, awarded at a competition held in Florence, Italy last December 5. He was given the prestigious award because of his significant contribution to the growth of the brand. Omar Yunes started franchising at the age of 21, and from a single location, he managed to expand his franchises and it has grown today into 13 locations, operating in three key Mexican cities – Mexico City, Puebla, and Vera Cruz. Omar Yunes have expressed his gratitude towards the judges at the event who ultimately chose him to receive the award, but he added that he is dedicating the award that he received to all of his employees who are the real reason why his business became successful.


The event was attended by representatives from 34 different nations, and each participant is evaluated by a board of judges who is taking into consideration a number of criteria. These criteria involves how the franchise affects the brand as a whole, the influence they have, the contribution of knowledge, the amount of savings that they have produced, how the employees are treated, and the kind of business model that they have within their franchise. The organizers of the even have said that Omar Yunes won the highest score out of all the participants who joined, because of how he changed the way franchisers and franchisees are interacting with each other. Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer, Benjamin Cancelmo, thanked Omar Yunes for doing everything that he can in order for the brand to be successful.


The award that has been won by Omar Yunes would also yield positive effects for the Mexican food industry. It would open up many opportunities to Mexican franchisers, as globally known food brands are now thinking about opening up their own locations in the country. It would also help out the local economy because of the tremendous amount of profit that will be generated by franchising internationally known brands.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Sharing its Knowledge

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has released a statement announcing the merger with Allscripts and NantHealth to launch a wonderful and innovative tool known as eviti®. The tool is a repository of cancer treatment data, which the center hopes will illuminate the guesswork used by oncologists when treating cancer patients. With real time functionality, the tool will be invaluable in the fight against cancer. what’s more, the tool can be used to fast track patients insurance claims and approval by offering faster access to critical patient treatment information.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established in 1988. With various location across the United States, they are easily accessible to all patients and families affected by cancer. The goal of the center is simple: To provide cancer patients with a tailor-made treatment plan specific to their unique form of cancer. Moreover, the centers believe in coordinated care, effectively they help you take care of every aspect of your life in order to eliminate the additional worries so you can focus on getting well. Furthermore, the Doctors believe in treating the whole person and not just cancer. Together with multi-disciplinary Doctors they formulate an individual full body plan. They do this on the basis of their belief that cancer affects the whole person and in turn, the whole person needs to be treated in order to fight off cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues support of their patients after they have left treatment and has a support page that offers many helpful tips and recipes for patients or anyone who wants to eat healthily. If you would like to learn more about the treatment centers or maybe need an idea for dinner then please follow the link here.

The Exemplary Music Journey of Cassio Audi

This Brazilian investment manager is a talented musician, something that may be unknown to many. Before concentration on business and investment, Cassio and his band were doing great in music, and it was unexpected that he would quit music given that he is highly gifted.

How was Audi’s 4 years in Music?

One of the greatest skills that have allowed Cassio soar high in his career is his dedication and possession of excellent leadership skills. These leadership skills seems inborn given that he was able to offer leadership that would lead to a band that would release two albums before quitting for the finance world.
The group was made of five talented people namely Yves Passarel, Pit Passarell, Cassio Audi, Andre Machado, and Felipe Machado. This great team was organized such that each individual was positioned to take part in the area they excelled most. For Cassio, he was always in the drum sets something he did enthusiastically with all his strength.

The Viper Rock Band as they would call it started in 1985 with a sole purpose of producing quality music and allowing people to enjoy listening and watching them sing. Their major motivation and inspiration were Iron Maiden and British heavy metal musicians. That provided Viper Rock Band the enthusiasm they required to remain motivated in their career

Milestones Realized in Cassio’s Time

Being a new group with the growing challenges, it became apparent for them to have a demo before doing their first release. The demo allowed the band an opportunity to make adjustments on the tunings and songs. They named the demo The Killer Sword with specific tracks namely the Prince from Hell, Nightmare, and The Killer.

After this, a few adjustments were made, and in 1987 Viper Rock Band released their first album called The Soldier of Sunrise. Apparently, despite the challenges, the team received a four-star rating from Allmusic. Two years later, the group released the second album and as usual Audi was positioned at the drum sets.

James Dondero – A Man Who Knows How to Share His Blessings

James Dondero is the kind of man who others should take a lesson from. It is rare for someone of such success and privilege to be so generous to those who are less fortunate, especially on a local level. James Dondero has given millions of dollars to local charities over the last few years, most notably he has been instrumental in the completion of the capital funding campaign for The Family Place and their 16.5 building fund. This is just the most recent act of giving for a man who started his career humbly.

James Dondero started out as a Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express. After a short time of great success, he was moved to more responsibility when he was made Portfolio Manager for more than $1B in fixed income assets. He left AmEx in 1989 to move on to other opportunities, which eventually led to him starting his own firm, Highland Street Capital. With the success of highland street capital Dondero has been able to help the good of the greater community by establishing the Dallas Highland Foundation. Most of his giving has been through the foundation, with the most recent act of generosity being the assistance given to The Family Place in their efforts to complete their capital funding campaign for expansion and future development projects.

In addition to this James Dondero has also given generously to other area, and national charitable foundations, including Education is Freedom, The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum of natural Science, and The Capital for Kids Organization. In addition, he is also very active in the board of directors of several major companies including NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical at which he serves at Chairmen for the companies. He also sits on the board in other capacities at American Banknote and MGM Studios.

He is an active supporter of initiatives in education, public policy, and veterans’ affairs. He has been called upon by the administration of both the State of Texas and the United States to consult on important matters more than once. He is an award-winning scholar, and holds degrees and certifications as a CPA, CFA, and CMA.

James Dondero is a man who has a passion for giving back to the community. He is a great example of those who have been blessed with success and find a way to share that blessing with those less fortunate.

James Dondero, Investing in Business and the Community:

James Dondero knows all about growing businesses. Just a few years after graduating from the University Of Virginia, he became the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Under his leadership, that subsidiary grew to $2 billion. In 1993, Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management. Today, the firm’s assets are estimated at well over $18 billion.

How has this happened? It goes to Dondero exercising both discipline and boldness in his investments, which are incredibly diverse. Highland’s investing covers hedge funds, private equity, loan obligations and mutual funds. Dondero and his firm work with many different companies and clients and provide them with the affordable strategies to grow their portfolios. The firm’s client base consists of public pension plans, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals. Under Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital Management has received a five star rating from Morningstar, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities.

Dondero has accumulated much wealth personally and for his company, but a significant amount of it goes back to the community of Dallas, where Highland Capital headquarters is based. A lot of these donations revolve around educational opportunities. Dondero has made significant donations over the years to Southern Methodist University’s Tower Scholars Program, which gives students various business and public policy opportunities. Other funds have gone to Education is Freedom for at risk youth looking to go to college, as well as the Perot Museum of Natural Science, which offers hands on science, math, and technology exhibits for children. Other philanthropic endeavors Dondero has donated to include the Snowball Express, which provides fun experiences to the children of fallen military personnel, and the Dallas Zoo for its new Hippo Hut special event pavilion. Dondero also serves on the Board of Directors of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Who is James Dondero?

As a businessman, James Dondero never leaves his businesses to chance. He has mastered the art of learning from his competitors and bettering what they do. This is the reason why James Dondero is very active on social media platforms to engage with his clients. He also uses these platforms to address customer complaints and talk about his services to his customers. At the moment, James Dondero is known for his prowess in portfolio management as well as hedge funds and alternative investment. For his undergraduate degree, James Dondero went for a degree in commerce where he specialized in finance and accounting. These are skills that have proven very important in his illustrious career.

Among the ventures he is credited with establishing is Highland Capital Management back in the year 1993. However, he could not manage this feat alone as he required the help of a college friend known as Mike Okada. Since then, the business has traded on the Wall Street and has spread over the globe. For instance, Highland Capital Management has offices in New York City, Dallas and Singapore. Its corporate headquarters are found in Dallas, Texas. His role at Highland Capital Management is dealing with distressed investment funds, fixed income as well as structured investment. A recent article explained that James Dondero currently manages assets worth over $19 billion. He also specializes in structured products, high yield bonds as well as leveraged loans. Under his watch, Highland Capital Management employs over 100 people both in America and abroad.

Philanthropy is another area that James Dondero has specialized in. Among the causes he focusses on include social welfare and philanthropy. For instance, he recently made a donation of one million dollars to a charitable organization from Texas known as the Family Place. James Dondero also promised to give donations equivalent to 50 percent of what the foundation would collect. With the Dallas Zoo, James Dondero made a donation of one million dollars that would be used to construct a hippo zoo. Other charitable organizations that James Dondero has been involved with include Education is Freedom, Uplift Education as well as Capital for Kids.

James Dondero, Through Highland Capital Management, Restores the Dallas Hippo Zoo

James Dondero is one of the famous people in the entire Dallas and Fort Worth. Many not only know him as president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM) but recognize him as one of the notable philanthropists and a supporter of several community projects in the area and outside. His acts of kindness have made his name shine not only in the US but around the world. Through him, many educational institutions and other public amenities have been constructed and transformed.

Just recently, James re-established a state of the art hippo sanctuary at the Dallas zoo, a move aimed at encouraging internal tourism in Dallas. Dallas residents are happy that for the first time in a long time, they will have the opportunity of viewing hippos. They are relieved as they will not travel to Africa for the same. He had promised Dallas residents through his official Facebook page that his company, Highland capital Management will be working to revive the Hippo zoo in the area, something that finally came to pass on the 28th of April, this year.

The Highland capital Management through Mr. James Dondero donated $1,000,000 towards this course. The funds went a long way in helping the reconstruction of the hippo zoo that was previously abandoned 15 years ago with the death of its famous hippo, Papa. It costs $14000000 to bring back the hippos in the Dallas zoo. With his donation as well as from other philanthropists such as the Harold Simmons Foundation, Diane &Hal Brierley, and the Eugene McDermott Foundation will make this project a success.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is a resident of Dallas and is currently the president cum co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He is a guru, and his experience in the credit and equity markets stretches to over 30 years. His area of expertise is in the high-yield and distressed investing.

Mr. Dondero graduated and came out with highest honors from University of Virginia. He has dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Management Accounting