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Jon Urbana is Inspiring and Rescuing Through Video Production

Videos are a tool used to persuade, entertain and inform. Business professional Jon Urbana is an individual who knows the advantages of creating videos to introduce others to his passions, motivating goals and bring attention to causes in need of volunteers or funding.

While there are several videos found online about Jon, perhaps the first one that comes to mind is found on YouTube. The video’s host introduces us to Jon so we become acquainted with his achievements and interests. Viewers are informed about Jon’s creation of Ellipse USA and the Colorado camp to assist youngsters in refining their lacrosse skills. Fine dining and nature also catches Jon’s attention, which he incorporates into his photography.

Using adorable cartoon drawings backed by a bossa nova style instrumental, another video (click here) alerts us to Jon and his Crowdrise fundraising campaign benefitting Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS). As people and animals are drawn on the screen, we learn about this Denver charity which emphasizes orphaned cats and seeks out safe places for them while they transition to suitable homes.

Another of Jon’s videos uses animation for a cause. This winner informs about his recent funding campaign using GoFundMe to benefit Earth Force and where the funds go. The short video YouTube explains how Earth Force does its best to ensure the future holds a clean environment for the future.

A video that allows Jon to share his love of photography is also available on YouTube. This includes gorgeous landscapes that speak emotions to various thought provoking photos. To view them visit Jon Urbana Camera Playlist.

As you can see, Jon Urbana is totally dedicated to the well-being of animals, young campers at his lacrosse camp, and the environment. While he has taken on the role of Head of Business Development for his Ellipse USA Company, he uses his creativity not only in videos designed to inspire but as a resource to help others.

Star Trek Bringing A Lucky Fan to The Silver Screen

Do you dare to boldly go where no one has gone before? Have you ever dreamed of walking onboard the Enterprise and taking a seat in that famed captain’s chair? James Dondero asks. The next film in the Star Trek franchise is entitled Star Trek Beyond and is expected to release July 2016. Though we don’t yet know the general plot for this next installment of fantasy wonder, we do know something else that will get your blood boiling.

In a very recent development and partnership with Omaze a campaign has been launched to allow one lucky participant to have a walk-on role in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Whoever wins this exclusive spot will me getting an authentic Star Trek makeover from makeup to wardrobe. This campaign has been named Star Trek: To Boldly Go and supports 9 organizations worldwide. To enter this contest, participants simply have to donate $10.

This contest has a number of prizes, from autographed memorabilia to posters to private screening invitations or a replica of the captain’s chair. This contest is similar to the Force for Change initiative and is a great way to raise money for a good cause.

With the cast of Star Trek making our dreams a reality, the sky’s the limit.

Watch The Video With Justin Bieber And Friends Singing

Justin Bieber, along with Kendell Jenner, Ariana Grande, and many other celebrities, took the time to create a fun video, lip syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, “ I Really Like You.” In Carly’s version of the video, she has Justin Bieber, as well as Tom Hanks, dancing around in the video, having a lot of fun. Justin. In the video that Justin Bieber put out, it was similar, although everyone did their own part, especially Ariana Grande, and even her brother was featured in the video as well.

The video seems to have been filmed, during the past weekend at Coachella, as well as other locations, because of who is in the video, and the locations for filming. Even one of the stars of the hit show “Empire,” was featured in the video. The video looks like a lot of fun, and if you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber, you just might become one, after you finish watching the video. Forbes says that the video has gone viral, of course, which is what can be expected of a home video, which is filled with stars.

The only person missing from the video, who would have made it even more fun, is Taylor Swift! There is even a part in the video, where Kendell Jenner and Justin Bieber speak, and she tells him that she’s pregnant! Yes, this Is just a joke, but if you blink, you’ll miss it.