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Buzzfeed Deletes Three Posts and People Find a Reason to Care

Social media is blowing up over three posts that were deleted on the popular Buzzfeed network over advertising complaints. We are talking about a website that deletes more posts every year than some sites publish in a lifetime. So why is it that these three posts are so special?

I think the main reason is that the posts in question were written by editorial staff of Buzzfeed and were actually targeted against major corporations. They even targeted the advertising campaigns of companies they were currently working with at the time. How stupid is that?

In 2013 a member of the staff decided to slam Internet Explorer publicly. Is that even necessary? I’m pretty sure everyone already knows Internet Explorer is trash. The staff member had actually worked on a previous advertising campaign for Microsoft in the past. Not too smart there if you ask those at CipherCloud and other tech companies.

In 2014 a staff member decided to criticize Pepsi for the Twitter campaign they were currently running. The only problem is that at the time Buzzfeed was actually producing Twitter content for Pepsi that was related to the Super Bowl. I just don’t know what people are thinking sometimes.

This year Buzzfeed introduced a whole new set of editorial guidelines. There are definitely some adjustments they need to make as they move from social media playground to behemoth media outlet.

Web Design Techniques


For the longest time people have just thought of the web designing industry or community as one that are just stuck at making websites and they are very mechanical at it; as if machines could do it with no problem.The web designing activity is more than just making a few codes here and there and getting information added to it. It actually involves a level of artistic nature that most people who do ordinary jobs fail to find and they are the ones that criticize the web designers.

The thought process that goes into making a website primarily focuses on the look; the look is very important and this is because it is the first thing that a visitor to Stephen Williams wine will look at when he or she goes to the site.

The human brain is attracted to the artistic world and once it recognizes that then it will urge you to look through it and this will be the successful part of the web designer. A good example is the eater site which has the top stories at the very top such as the 14 deepest whiskey lists in America which should catch the eye of many men.

Where a web designer places certain things is very important in maintaining a steady rise in the number of site visitors.

Web Design Basics You Must Follow to Operation Efficiency

Business owner Bruce Levenson says there’s a lot that goes into into web design, and those that are just starting out in the industry need to be aware of a few tools before doing any serious work.

When you design a website, you need to follow a certain set of rules to ensure that your site is designed for optimal performance. First off, the site should be compatible across a wide range of platforms. With the burgeoning popularity of smartphones, mobile browsing is a reality you can no longer avoid. Ensure that your site is fully compatible with all kinds of OS’s available in the market. 

With the influence of social media, it is crucial to dot your site with the most popular social networking buttons to further enhance the reach of your website. People always share content on Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and the list goes on. Keep the design simple and navigation should be easy. 

All websites also need a logo to help create a brand connect with the audience. When the visitors start pouring into your site, you need an icon or logo to help signify the purpose of your website. 

Also, you need to make sure that there is a balance of colors and graphics on each page. It would be ideal to decide on a template that is easy on the idea and allows the user to concentrate on the content alone.