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Mark Ahn: a Successful Professor and Leader in the Biotech Field

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. Mark Ahn

Mark Ahn is a biotechnology expert now using all the knowledge he has accumulated over his 20 year career in Biotechnology and directing it towards his students. Mark Ahn is a well-dressed entrepreneur in his 40s, who is presently an adjunct Professor at Portland State University in Oregon and Carnegie Mellon University as well as a strategy consultant in the biotechnology industry.

His career has centered on life sciences, technology management, innovation and leadership, and Dr. Ahn’s publications were written in conjunction with the companies where he worked. The books are entitled which has allowed him to write several books: Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics and Business in 2010 and Strategic Risk Management: How Global Corporations Manage Financial Risk for Competitive Advantage.

Mark Ahn has become a strong leader in the biotech field, utilizing his leadership skills to promote needed strategies for a better life for all.

Professor Ahn has high goals and his educational career supports his abilities and leadership positions that he has earned through the years. Mark received a BA and MBA from Chaminade University, MA from Victoria University and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of South Australia. Dr. Ahn was also a Henry Crown Fellow with the class of 2001 at the Aspen Institute.

Mark Ahn, PhD has worked with some of the top biopharmaceutical leaders in the industry, including Amgen and Genentech As you can see, his wide range of education supports his career positions, and Ahn has served the community with over 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry.

Mark Ahn is a well-rounded business executive in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and an eentrepreneur strategically making our planet a better place to live in areas such as breast cancer, growing foods more wisely and global warming.

Here is a list of his former positions throughout his career.

Pukana Partners 2009
Essia Health Vice Chairman and Board of Directors
RXI Pharmaceuticals Director President and CEO
Galena BioPharma President and Director 2007-2014
Hana Biosciences President and CEO
Gerentech VP, Hematology and Corporate Officer

It is clear to see how Mark Ahn has advanced in the biotech industry in leadership roles, and has become an excellent example of brilliant leadership in this industry as well as leading students into a new career.