ClassDojo: The App That Will Make You Parent Of The Year

Imagine you are working two jobs to support your family. Because of your commitment to making sure food is on the table and there is a roof over your family’s head, you can’t put a lot of energy into school functions. You missed your daughter’s music debut in the holiday musical or your son’s acting debut in the school play. On top of all that, it’s difficult for you to be present in the child’s academic endeavors. After you have worked twelve hours a day for six days in a row, you are just beat and want to sleep and/or relax.

That’s where ClassDojo comes in. Parents can now download an app into their phone and stay up to date with their child’s school activities and academics. Once a teacher has the parents sign up and sign into the app, they can do many things to keep the parents in the loop with what’s going on in the classroom.

Suppose you have to work which will make you miss your child’s performance in a play. All the teacher has to do is record the play and put it on the app. All parents will have the ability to go onto the app and watch their child’s performance. What if your child accomplishes something in the classroom that is normally difficult for them. A teacher can load that moment into the app and send it to individual parents as well. Perhaps one of the best features is that when a teacher gives points or stars or any other kind of achievement award to your child, a parent can go right onto the app and see what they got the award for.

Students can also participate with this app. They can sign into the app and add pictures, along with other things that they would like for their parents to see.

This is a great app and concept to keep working parents aware of their child’s school activities and achievements.


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