Contribution of Securus Technologies to Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a modern and the leading provider of various criminal and civil justice using technology solutions. We aim at providing solutions through investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Our firm is located in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3, 400 corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety. We have more than 1, 200 000 inmates in various parts of North America. As a firm, we are committed to connecting and serving people by offering emergency response, communication, incident management, in-mate self-service and much more.


Our company is driven by facility customer comments to maximize the use of technology in preventing and solving crimes which include inmate to inmate crimes. One of the facility customers narrates how we have assisted in monitoring and containing calls of inmates regarding drug selling, alcohol use and access to the cellular device, suspicious conversation and illegal transfer of money.


Another facility customer narrated out how information that we monitored and contained has helped in obtaining a search warrant to arrest a corrupt staff. The customer passed a lot of appreciation to our company for the excellent work done. Another facility customer also provides recognition to Securus Technologies for the provision of working technology solutions. We as a firm strived to revolutionize the crime prevention industry and helping people to improve public safety in their areas of jurisdiction. We have an open invitation to other facility and competitive customers to visit our headquarters in Dallas and provide additional ways of solving and preventing crimes.


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