Dick DeVos and Aiding Families

Dick DeVos isn’t someone who ever allows life to pass him by. He’s never been the kind of person to allow it to do so, either. He’s for all intents and purposes a man who tries to seize the day. He married a hard-worker who attempts consistently to seize the day as well. Her name is Betsy DeVos. It previously was “Elisabeth Prince.” Why in the world are people in the United States and elsewhere so familiar with Mister DeVos? They recognize him for many diverse reasons. They recognize him thanks to his lobbying missions in Grand Rapids, Michigan all throughout the nineties. They recognize him thanks to all of his varied business endeavors, too. DeVos functioned as the tenacious Amway Corporation head for a number of enriching and meaningful years. Being the Chief Executive Officer for this substantial marketing staple meant so much to this man. It meant so much to him courtesy of his penchant for hard work. It meant so much to him courtesy of his warm and genial family. Working tirelessly for the Amway Corporation is in many ways something that’s innate to DeVos. His dad was an Amway Corporation champion.


Charter schools are a hot topic all over the United States. DeVos’ Secretary of Education wife regularly talks about them. Rapper Pitbull regularly talks about them as well. Dick DeVos is among the individuals who speaks the most about charter schools and about all of the things they can do for American youths. He confirmed his enthusiasm for charter schools by devising an educational institution that’s referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This Grand Rapids favorite has been teaching people about the universe of aviation since about 2010. It’s a school that has the Grand Rapids airport as its backdrop. It makes a superb educational choice for young individuals who want to try to work in the air travel department. There are many aspiring pilots who take courses at the institution. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a reputable charter school that’s getting bigger by the day. It’s markedly bigger than it was just a few short years ago.


Donations are a significant aspect of DeVos’ day-to-day lifestyle. They’re a significant aspect of his wife’s day-to-day lifestyle as well. They’re the persons who made The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation during the eighties. They’re the persons who donate to the non-profit frequently, too. This is a family foundation that puts a lot of thought into all sorts of subjects that are relevant to the American people. It’s one that puts a lot of effort into things that relate to household operations in the United States. Dick DeVos wants to assist families in his nation.


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