DonataMeirelles Views on Transparent Bags in 2019

One of the most interesting trends in 2018 was transparent bags. Many celebrities were part of making the trend popular and more importantly — taking the trend to red carpets. DonataMeirelles believes some factors make clear bags relatable among fashion lovers. She confesses that the trend is her personal favorite mainly because the bags complement her fashion sense. More important, she points out that a global fashion icon, Rihanna is hugely associated with these bags. Meirelles, however, points out that these plastic bags are subject to different factors in giving better results. Some of the tips for using transparent bags include the following.

First, she advises people to be cautious on the bag content. Unlike the typical bags, Meirelles points out that the choice of items determines your whole look. In order to complement your overall look, Meirelles advise people to have a minimal approach to the bag content. Some of the items she carries with these bags consist of her essentials such as her makeup kits, sunglasses, cards, checkbooks, and any necessary items. The main aim of having a minimal approach to bag content is to avoid creating a lot of contrast to your outfit and your essentials. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

Second, Meirelles also points out that the position of items in the bag is also important. Each of the items named above should have different placement for a reason. The main reason for having a different placement of items is to avoid unnecessary damages. The mark-up kit, for example, should be away from the phone screen. On the other hand, DonataMeirelles believes that having a well-thought placement guideline is also one-step to better items accessibility. If the bag has improper placement, for example, reaching out for a phone can be hard. She also points out that packing daily essentials is impossible if there is not proper format on item placement.

Apart from being knowledgeable about fashion, DonataMeirelles talks about other different subject matters. She is one of the few fashion experts that have a wider understanding of design and fashion. According to DonataMeirelles, her time at Vogue has given her a chance to interact with different subject matters and therefore becoming versatile in her writing and design gigs. Her definition of good fashion items is different because she believes that any fashion item but reflect one’s character and more importantly — the item but incorporate current fashion trends. This definition of fashion has been instrumental in her work as a resident designer at this organization. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her at

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