Drake Heard Chris Brown Talking About Him Behind His Back, Yet Again

When Chris Brown was being interviewed over the past couple of days, questions about Drake would arise from reporters and Chris would just simply reject the questions by saying until he gets paid for talking about Drake, he will not do it. But further along the interviews, he would begin to mock Drake by making impersonations of the Canadian rapper. Those two can’t seem to get a long whatsoever. All that Chris kept repeating is how much him and Drake are not friends, and to be honest it’s very easy to tell these two don’t like each other.

The feeling is mutual from these two, as Drake was performing one of his new songs ‘Energy’ from his latest album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, when he changed the lyrics to diss Chris Brown without actually mentioning his name, and everyone right away knew exactly what he was talking about.

Chris Brown had another interview a couple of months ago when he said his beef with Drake was over and that he is now 25 years old and wants to act like a mature man, but that maturity did not last very long, but Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is pretty skeptical.

It’s safe to say that Drake and Chris Brown beef has to die out on its own because these two won’t stop the arguing. They are definitely not going to colab on any songs anytime soon although that would be better for both their careers.

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