Drew Madden’s Extensive Experience In Healthcare IT

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur with a passion for building attractive and unique company culture, high caliber teams, and trusted partnerships. Between 2011 and 2016, he served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, one of the largest Epic Consulting companies in the world. During Madden’s term in office, the company was able to receive several KLAS for its consulting excellence that included the first ranking in 2012 and 2014 for outstanding implementation services. Drew has vast experience on Electric Medical Records (EMR). The executive has spent more than 10 years in collaborating with the brightest and the best professionals in the industry to optimize, implement, and handle complex issues associated with EMR projects.

Before joining Nordic Consulting, Drew worked for Cerner Corporation where he implemented inpatient clinical solutions for more than four years. He also worked for Healthia Consulting from 2015 before Ingenix Consulting acquired it in 2007. While at Healthia Consulting, Drew focused on implementation roles before assuming a business development position. As the president of Nordic Consulting, he was responsible for business development, client relationships, and recruitment. During Drew’s tenure, Nordic Consulting grew from a workforce of 10 to 725 employees and three to 150 client partners.

After leaving Nordic Consulting, Drew co-founded the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a renowned consulting firm that offers IT expertise to its partners across the country. They focus on providing advisory services and implementation of specialized healthcare technology and multiple EHR platforms. With decades of experience, the partners seek to spend extra time on finding ideal opportunities that are based on goals, skill sets, and preferences to create a foundation for an established partnership. As part of its continued effort to offer innovative solutions to its healthcare partners, the company has launched the Talent Management Solutions.

Drew Madden and his colleagues are seeking to offer innovative solutions that enable clients to recruit, develop and retain the best IT resources and set up dynamic, high-performing teams that can address the biggest challenges facing healthcare IT firms. Adding Talent Management Solutions to their offing allows them to further help their client partners to focus on their long-term objectives. Drew Madden graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering from the College of Engineering of Iowa University. He specialized in medical systems.

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