Glen Wakeman: Business visionary

Glen Wakeman is more than a globally recognized businessman. He is also a mentor, entrepreneur and a revolutionary in the workplace.

A University of Chicago graduate who holds an MBA, Wakeman was instrumental in the development of mergers and acquisitions, established new performance methods and has provided guidance to start ups around the world.

During his more than three decades with GE Capital, Wakeman lived in six different countries and worked in more than 32. He co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015. The Software as a Service (SAAS) firm provides online business planning services and advice to entrepreneurs just getting started in business.

Wakeman is also the president and founder of Nova Four, a company that offers strategic advice and financial access to businesses that are just getting started. Wakeman also coaches CEOs and performs board duties as a means of ensuring the improvements he suggests.

A prolific blogger, Wakeman has authored numerous articles on everything from business transformation to emerging markets to global affairs and leadership. Wakeman provides his readers with advice on everything from financing to strategy.

Wakeman brings his ideas for business transformation to fruition by simply explaining them to others. He said this forces him to not only outline the plan, but think critically about what he is proposing. This enables him to not only develop the plan, but to defend it to those he is presenting the proposal to.

Thriving on growing businesses, Glen Wakeman has developed a methodology that bolsters five different components of performance, which include: Preparing the company for a change in leadership; ensuring that the company’s vision, tactics and strategy are aligned; making sure that the company’s technology, processes and people are working together; minimizing business disruptions; and that the culture allows for constructive criticism.

He is currently interested in using machine learning to help solve business problems and believes the most important thing an entrepreneur can do is to stay in touch with everyone they know. Maintaining those contacts, Wakeman believes, can propel a business to success.


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