Gustavo Martinez Notes that Online Marketing is changing the Marketing World

The world of marketing is changing quickly and Gustavo Martinez has already witnessed the change. He has been in the industry for a longer period and can notice when changes are happening. According to Martinez, internet marketing is becoming one of the best marketing strategies that organizations should be incorporating. As someone who has been in the marketing world for a longer period, Martinez clearly understands the benefits of internet marketing.


Gustavo Martinez highlights that one of the standout benefits of online marketing is that it can reach a considerable number of people. Platforms used in online marketing are worldwide, which means that they are targeting the world at large. If a company chooses to market its products through Facebook, the company is intending to create awareness about its products to more than 2.5 billion individuals, who are the actual Facebook users.


The second most crucial aspect of online marketing is that it can easily be conveyed to different people around the world. Accessing marketing messages has been made easier but conveying is even much easier. Very little or no technicalities involved in conveying marketing messages. You can easily choose to share most of the marketing messages on online platforms. With the press of a button or click a mouse, you can make the message visible to other thousands of people.


Accessing the message for 24 hours in a day is another major milestone in the world of marketing. The world is structured such that there are places that are dark while others are experiencing sunlight. Where people are sleeping, the radios and televisions are not working, which means that there is a high chance that a company is not marketing its products. Gustavo Martinez indicates that marketing messages posted on Facebook and other online marketing platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are there for any person to see whether during the day or night.


The cost of marketing has significantly gone down. Initially, some companies used to spend more than 30% of their expenses on marketing. Television and print media marketing are some of the most expensive marketing strategies that used to take considerable amounts of money from companies. Gustavo Martinez notes that marketing has now been made easy due to the prevalence of various online platforms. Marketing on Facebook and other social platform is free, which means that organizations are using little funds to reach a considerable number of people.


According to Gustavo Martinez, online marketing is at the infant stage and it has already made significant steps in the world. This form of marketing will not only increase awareness of various products and services but it will also lead to increased production. However, companies marketing their products and services should also take caution and use other forms of marketing as a diversification tactic.


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