How Gino Pozzo Changes Football

Gino Pozzo spent his childhood in Italy, earned a Masters’ degree at Harvard University, and lived in Barcelona, Spain for over 20 years. Pozzo would also live in London, England. Pozzo’s family is well-known for its ownership of football clubs. Pozzo’s father, Giampaolo purchased Udinese club in Italy in 1986. Football club ownership would become the focus of the family by 2008 after other businesses operated by the family would be sold. Through guidance, the team purchased by the Pozzo family would rise from Serie B league to the Championship league in only three years. Gino Pozzo proved to be a very innovative leader. He was able to turn the Udinese club around with his scouting and the different leadership style when he began to manage the club in 1993.

Gino Pozzo was responsible for the family purchasing the Granada F.C. (GFC) in 2009. GFC was in significant debt prior to the acquisition by Gino. Gino would only require two years before GFC would make the leap from Segunda B to the Primera Liga. The company has not accomplished a move to the Primera Liga in over 30 years. Gino would purchase Watford F.C. in 2012. He would move to London to better operate the Watford F.C. (WFC) The family would own three football clubs located in Spain, Italy, and England. The Pozzo family would be the only family to own three football clubs in three different leagues. There have been many managers and head coaches for WFC. The turnover of head coaches and managers had the media called WFC unstable. The acquisition and trading of players by WFC force the Football League to change the rules to ensure no team would not use similar acquisition and trade practices utilized by WFC.

Gino Pozzo understands there will be millions of dollars made by participating in the Premier League. He believes the Premier League is the best league in England. WFC would operate differently than in the past to ensure they are able to capture more profits. Gino attempts to make the correct investment in good players and improving the stadium.

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