Isabel dos Santos and the Zon Company dealings

Isabel dos Santos, a rich Angolan woman with much business connection in Angola and throughout the world, especially in Portugal. She has endeavored to acquire as many business connections and companies as she can. She took a loan from Caixa General De Depositors to buy a share in the Nos Company. But then, the company was called Zon. The transaction ended in 2009, and she was to pay the amount depending on the regulations by the general directorate of Risk management. The notice did not come forth, and hence, she has not returned the loan.

Isabel dos Santos has bought over 50 percent of the total shares of the company and purpose to buy as many shares as she can. The other shares of the company are held by C invest and Zon. The total amount that she tool was 125 million euros.

Who is Isabel dos Santos?

She is a renowned businesswoman, a defender of women economic freedom and fighter for the African wellbeing in terms of business and technology. She is also a wife and a mother of four children besides taking part in a public lecture on the economy of the matter.

Early life

Isabel dos Santos was born and raised from an elite family being that his father was the then president of Angola. She went to school despite the challenges girl child had during those days. She finished her high school education at the age of 17, and by 18 years, she had joined Kings’ college. She studied engineering from the college.

Career development and business connections

This lady secured her first job as a project manager of one of the oil companies in the government under his father, Eduardo do Santo. She used the money she gained from the operations to start her hotel business on the beach of Luanda. This was the first hotel and restaurant that operated into the deep night in the area. She also found other high profile jobs in big companies listed by the forex market list.

Later, Isabel dos Santos decided to join the telecom business and acquired several companies like the Unite and the local TV set lite station. She has invested in many Holding, supermarkets, and defends women and educates them on the importance of having financial freedom.

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