James River Captial

Just because you have a great idea does not mean that money will immediately start flowing your way. If you are an entrepreneur looking to fund your idea, many ways to do this exist. Paul Saunders is the head of James River Captial. Mr. Saunders has a longtime passion for finance. He earned a B.A. and an M.B.A. to help realize his passion.


Mr. Saunders’ career includes several roles in investment banking and trading. He has held positions in corporate finance departments. Saunders has been a director of managed accounts and commodity funds. In 1995, he bought KP Futures Management Corporation and changed the name. Mr. Saunders also transformed the business from a corporate to an independent one. Mr. Saunders enjoys philanthropy, and his wife shares this passion with him.

James River Captial is based in Richmond, Virginia. The company focuses on corporate credit, managed futures trading, equity strategies, and more. Paul Saunders has run this business successfully since 1995. Mr. Saunders emphasizes the creation of companies, not the competition of them. Mr. Saunders enjoys sharing the secrets to his success with others who want to learn them. These tips for funding startups include several sources and methods to use when searching for startup capital.

Some (but not all) of these tips include borrowing from family or friends, crowdfunding, business loans, and investors. The James River Captial realizes that initially, building a business can be tough. If a method of funding is unsuccessful, try another. It requires persistence to get your idea “off the ground”.

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