JD.com Came into Existence with Richard Liu Qiangdong as the Leader

Richard Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com in 2004 and he helped it to grow to go public in 2014 and listed in NASDAQ. He has a track record of posing impressive results in starting and leading businesses to success. As a result of his entrepreneurial and managerial savvy, JD.com maintained a continuous upward trajectory of growth.

Throughout his professional life as an entrepreneur and a businessman, he has recognized the importance of customer service and he leverages it to offer the best services to customers. He is committed to leave a positive impact through his business.

Born to coal-shipping parents, Richard Liu Qiangdong received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the People’s University of China. During his free time, he taught himself computer programming and other things related to computer science in an effort to expand his horizon. The skills he acquired during his personal studies came-in-handy in developing his e-commerce business.

Richard Liu was employed after graduation at Japan Life where he worked his way up to become a Director of Computers and Service. He embarked on a new path to follow his calling of entrepreneurship in 1998. He started a magneto-optical products business at China’s tech hub. He grew the business into twelve retail spaces before the brick-and-mortar business was forced to close down in the wake of the 2000s SARS outbreak in China. It came as a fateful development when he realized that consumers started loving to shop from the comfort of their homes. He embarked on a journey to build an e-commerce business after closing down the physical retail spaces. He started his first e-commerce business called Jingdong.

Officially, Jingdong turned into JD.com in 2004. The renowned entrepreneur focused on the development of proprietary platforms as well as advanced technology to offer the best customer experience and develop relationships with several shippers to achieve same-day or next-day delivery goal. He built the logistics network with an aim of enabling delivery of products to more than one billion across China and beyond.

JD.com prides itself in the largest and most sophisticated logistics network consisting of drone delivery. The e-commerce company partners with other giants to deliver high quality goods to consumers. Today, it has more than 300 million active users who are enjoying the platform’s seamless experience and the company’s unparalleled customer service. The company is now focused on various expansion projects across Asia under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Contact Liu Qiangdong: corporate.jd.com/liu-qiangdong-jd-ceo-about

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