Jeremy Goldstein Contributions to Mental Illness: You Are not A Rhone.’ Project

Jeremy Goldstein — one of the best corporate corporate legal minds in New York — is passionate about mental health awareness. He has been in an excellent working relationship with Fountain House, which is one of the oldest foundations in assisting people with mental health issues. One of the ways Goldstein contributes to this foundation is by helping the entity to get funds — mainly through charity dinners. Jeremy Goldstein funds target for this year came to reality after bringing professionals in New York to this great dinner. According to him, the gross collection was more than $5,000 — which is unprecedented in the event of this nature.


Some of the reasons why Jeremy Goldstein has been passionate about this project include the following. First, he understands the importance of Fountain House projects in New York. According to him, the foundation is bringing awareness of mental health in New York and the communities around this city. Second, the funding is also a gateway to accessing more community-based organizations — and working directly with these community groups. Finally, Goldstein understands that people who have mental illness need love and more importantly support system. The funds collected will assist the foundation in creating more support groups in New York. According to Goldstein, the past eight decades, the foundation has helped thousands of people in regaining their lives.


Jeremy Goldstein also understands that the foundation’s mandate goes beyond assisting people in accessing professional assistance. Through this funding, he hopes that the foundation will continue working with different people in improving the quality of life. One of the key areas the foundation will benefit from this funding is — helping people to achieve their life goals. Most people opt to go to college and earn diplomas, and funding facilitates this critical process. On the other hand, other people — from the foundation — opt to look for employment. The foundation assists this class of people to settle and concentrate on their new occupation.


In addition to being one of the most passionate people in New York towards mental health, Jeremy Goldstein is a passionate professional in the legal world. As an attorney, he works with the corporate world on different subjects. The New York University School of Law graduate is one of the most respected corporate advisors. In the last ten (10) years, Goldstein has assisted many companies in making better decisions. He is also passionate about corporate transitions, and through his law firm, he has helped many companies to transit smoothly from one form to another. Different corporate journals in New York have termed Goldstein as the father of smooth organizational transitions.


As a lawyer is also a passionate writer on different subjects — especially in law and corporate structures from a legal perspective. He is also a vocal legal mind on governance.


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