Keeping Up With The Ever So Busy Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an angel investor who operates out of New York and London. Devoting his efforts between two different countries gives him a diverse insight when it comes to businesses. He has helped numerous companies from conception and his vision propels the businesses he assists. Riva has aided more than 11 startups, over the course of a decade.

He attained numerous degrees and certifications in London; before earning his MBA at Oxford University. It was his time at Oxford that he attributes to igniting his entrepreneurial fire. Raffaele Riva began a tech company with a few of his associates in the year 2006. The quick success of his first company attracted him to the financial component of starting new businesses. He would ultimately sell his tech company and aim his sights on the investment side of business. Currently, he is among the top leaders in the angel investment industry. His insight has made him a highly-requested speaker at public events around the world.

The average day for Raffaele Riva starts before the sun is present. This gives him time to have his morning coffee and catch up on emails. He deals with numerous CEOs and companies around the world. So he realizes that his early mornings are late mornings and afternoons for some of his partners. This early start to his day helps him stay productive and on top of his workflow. Having such a busy schedule, his weekends also start at 5 AM. With all he has going on, Raffaele Riva always makes time for his wife and daughters. This helps him maintain a balanced life.

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