Keith Mann Fights for Animal Rights with Everything He’s Got!

Keith Mann is a man who rightly lives up to his title as an animal rights activist. According to Buzzfeed, Mann has dedicated not only a large percentage of his youth, but all of his adulthood to the Animal Rights cause.

As a child, Mann’s interests were peeked while working on a dairy farm in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. He experienced first hand the crying and screeching noises produced by mother cows that are heard on dairy farms. Mann quickly inquired as to why the mother cows were making this noise. He sorrowfully found out that the mother cows were grieving for their young, which had been taken away from them for the purpose of milk harvesting. This experience made an impact on Mann, perhaps rubbing him the wrong way and paved the path for his future pursuits in animal activism.

Mann’s next recorded act of animal activism would be the releasing a neglected rabbit from his pen. He then was recorded as joining an animal activist group that worked to bring awareness against the sport of fox hunting. The group passed out leaflets against the sporting practice. Another of Mann’s activism pursuits was the capturing of 53 goldfish from a fair. He placed the captured fish in his bathtub and later found them homes.

Not all of Mann’s activist pursuits have ended in success, some even ended in destitution. In 1991, Mann was arrested for conspiring to set fire to certain amount of chicken crates and in the 2000’s, he was arrested in various acts of protest. These acts of protest were geared toward preventing the scientific use of animals for product testing, also known as, vivisection.

Among Mann’s successes,he has had much animal activist success in seeking out government support. In 2008, he ran for Parliament with the Animal Welfare Party. Undoubtedly bring awareness to the cause.

In 2013 Mann was diagnosed with a form a cancer called follicular lymphoma. Follicular lymphoma has no known cure. Mann was given a three year survival rate. Due to his belief system, Mann has decided to treat his cancer using the holistic Gerson Therapy. This type of therapy requires an expensive intake of organic foods and detoxification procedures. Supporters of Mann can assist with the finances of his recovery by donating a few dollars. The money raised will allow Mann to purchase his organic food and detox regimen.

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