Keith Mann launches the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship

Following a recent announcement by Keith Mann who works at Dynamics Search Partners, he steered the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship. This is meant to nurture innovative minds of tomorrow’s business leaders among the young. The scholarship program is in partnership with uncommon schools in New York City. Keith Mann has also seen to it that the scholarship will be availed to one graduating senior in one of the uncommon schools each year.

With great experience having served in executive search industry for the past 15 years, Keith is well enlightened on issues concerning hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategy. So as to establish the current Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann first launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive search. This later on developed privately as an equity industry and it is following this that Dynamics Search Partners was formed.
Keith Mann is currently the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners and is responsible for the running of the firm. Under his leadership Dynamics Search Partners works with different firms in all investment industries based in Europe, Asia and the United States.
The scholarship has so far been implemented in various uncommon schools and the counselors are grateful to Mann for introducing the same. Through the scholarship, privileged students will be helped through a four-year study period in college. To qualify for the scholarship, one is expected to submit a 1000 word essay explaining on how the degree acquired will assist them in achieving their professional goals.
Mann is a philanthropist and an educational advocate, he is focused on selecting strong leaders of whom he will later on link with successful companies to help them grow in their profession. The scholarship also targets low-income students who will be seen through to graduation. The scholarship will be open this February with the winner being announced by the end of March. The qualifier will receive $5000 scholarship and this will help them to take care of their tuition expenses in college.
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