Kickstart your day with Bulletproof Coffee

Sometimes our ‘to-do list’ is larger than the amount of energy we have to accomplish all of the tasks on it. Just getting out of bed can seem like a big feat, let alone having and maintaining a high level or energy throughout the day.

Thanks to Bulletproof Coffee those problems might be a thing of the past. Butter-infused Bulletproof coffee has gained popularity as word has spread of this great tasting beverage that delivers such huge benefits and boosts your energy level.
Word of mouth is a powerful advertisement and it wasn’t long before some of today’s most popular athletes discovered the benefits of the beverage as well as noted celebrities. Testimonials from both have helped promote the coffee to a level that is allowing the beverage to be the star of its own café’s popping up around the nation. Shailene Woodley and Maya Rudolph have both publicly touted the goodness and effectiveness of the creamy beverage.

Dave Asprey created the popular drink after taking a trip to Tibet in 2004 so he could learn how to meditate. While there he realized the yak-butter tea he was drinking was leading to changes in his life. He tried several combinations before hitting on the perfect combination of ingredients that people enjoy today.

Bulletproof Coffee clocks in at 460 calories and other such noteworthy benefits as having the ability to turn off those feelings of hunger and cravings and giving you the feeling of being full so you aren’t reaching for other fatty foods during the day. You can burn off fat while not taking any more in.

While putting butter in coffee doesn’t sound like such a good idea, if you are looking for a little boost in your energy level and a new way to lose a few pounds bulletproof coffee is gaining such popularity that it seems to be at least worth a try. Follow Asprey and the folks at BP on InstaGram.

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