Neurocore’s treatment

The human brain is comprised of billions of neurons which are connected electrically and chemically. The neurons transmit information from the brain to the body and vice versa. The brain is considered to the most complex organ. Neuroscience deals with the study of the brain. Much of the brain and how the brain works are yet to be discovered by scientist across the world. Being a complex organ, the brain has many functions in the body. Some of the functions include controlling our emotions, behavior, the perception of complex information and also it controls our thoughts. All this would not be possible if it was not for the billions of neuron in the brain. See more information about Neurocore at

Fortunately, in the current world, there is technology which has been developed to help scientist understand how the brain works and hence work to improve its functioning. Several organizations such as Neurocore have developed technology to deal with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, ASD, and ADHD through a therapy known as Neurotherapy. This is known as neurofeedback and it involves using brainwaves electrical measurements to teach the brain how to regulate itself. It involves practice and repetition as well as positive reinforcement in order for the brain to work better and reduce unwanted activities.

Researchers have found out that the left frontal area of the brain is more active than the right frontal area. Neurocore managed to replace traditional methods of therapy like psychotherapy and use of antidepressants by developing Neurotherapy. At Neurocore, Neurotherapy has been designed to train the brain to deal with signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. The therapy takes a period of 30 days. Results have proven it to be more effective than the traditional methods of treatment.


Neurotherapy has succeeded to reduce symptoms of depression. In addition to that neurofeedback has also benefited people suffering from anxiety, ASD and ADHD. Neurocore also has EEG and qEEG technologies which also help in stress management and boost sleep. Due to its exemplary achievements, Neurocore has managed to establish itself as a center for applied neuroscience research and has brain centers located in Michigan and Florida. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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