NewsWatch TV Partners with Contour Design

NewsWatch TV partners with a company called Contour Design to help sell their product “The Ultimate Workstation”. This workstation is designed for consumers who work in an office space on a computer all day. The goal is to make a typing experience as well as an overall computer experience more comfortable for the average consumer.

People all over the world use a computer daily. The Ultimate Workstations allows you to use a computer with more ease and comfort. Instead of having to reach for a mouse you get the chance to use an all in one piece of equipment. This combination allows for smoother and more comfortable clicking and typing experience.

NewWatch’s review is super helpful in explaining what the product is and how it can benefit someone like me in my everyday life. I work on a computer constantly all day long and something like this product can really benefit me. NewWatch explains how this keyboard will allow me to focus more on my work rather than fidgeting all day with a normal keyboard and separate mouse. The review explains how you can adjust the keyboard to fit your exact comfort level. It also has smart power saving technology so you never have to keep turning the keyboard on and off to save power. The review clearly explains the difference in the products of the roller mouse red and the balancing keyboard. It contains a large roller bar to lessen stress on the fingertips. This lessens the stress of reaching for or using a standard mouse. There are also cushions on the workstation to allow for comfort and ease of use.

NewsWatch allowed this video to be seen over multiple US Markets and had over 500,000 impressions. They have the experience of working with a ton of Fortune 500 companies including large corporations such as Audi, Sony, and Intel.

NewWatch also has an online Television show that discusses new and up and coming technologies. They sometimes have celebrity guests such as Chris Pratt, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence and much more. They have a large social media presence and have won multiple awards such as the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award and the 2017 Videographer Award. Just to name a few.

They are an amazing company to work with. They have their own in house Production equipment and on air talent. NewWatch is a popular television which can allow companies to market their products across the US. Most of all NewsWatch reviews are affordable and they create amazing content. NewsWatch is definitely the place to go in order to help grow your business.

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