O2Pur Makes a Grand Entry to the eCig Market

O2Pur is a fresh eCig company that has hit the road to give the traditional regulars a run for their money. The eCig market is little known to the noisier brand enthusiasts such as those of the soft drink. Nevertheless, it is a blossoming industry, behind the scenes. In fact, financial experts point to the possibility that eCig shares are the next big thing on the stocks market.

Living In Changing Times and Coping

The tobacco industry is undergoing a lot of changes. There is the idea of the consolidation of the industry and much more. There is plenty of buzz flying around, yet some things remain constant. Companies seek to exploit the void in innovation. The company offers eCigs that it says depart from even the best traditional eCigs from the major, traditional market players. To introduce a good product on the market, you need some business acumen. However, acumen alone isn’t enough. One needs a sense of innovation and creativity to run the full stretch of tasting the deep waters and risking drowning. O2Pur has presented a range of product flavors that are likely to stir the order in the eCig market. While it is true that the likes of Philip Morris, BAT, and Marlboro are also chasing the same dream, O2Pur seems to have carved a niche for itself in a segment that has had a void for a while. Unlike Traditional eCigs that rely on actual tobacco for its fillers, the new company uses a different technology that is tobacco-free.

British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco is a household name. The company decided to buy Reynolds-American. It is noted that the company already had 40% shares in Reynolds American. The main reason for the British to buy Reynolds was because it had sensed where people were going to take their money. BAT has all the experts to advise them to gauge the financial viability of a company before they buy it. In other words, the chief adviser of the company signaled BAT to the impending market trends and the likelihood that eCigs are soon outperforming their traditional tobacco brands.

The advantage with eCigs from O2Pur

eCigs have a major head start over the ordinary cigarettes because they come in more flavors than the tobacco products. Furthermore, eCigs can be used anywhere. They are cost-effective because the amount of human input is reduced to the minimum. In fact, an eCig does not need the long chain of brokers that tobacco cigarettes need to reach the final consumer eCigs has no middleman syndrome that traditional products suffer from. Besides, they are smoke-free and stylish; much in line with the digital lifestyle of modern day.

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